Wolfsklamm ~ Stans, Tirol
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Wolfsklamm ~ Stans, Tirol

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Today we are going to visit the stunning gorge located in the Karwendel Mountains and 30 km eastward from Innsbruck – Wolfsklamm (Wolf Gorge). Finally, after 10 years in Tirol, I decided to make a daily trip to the beautiful and famous destination in Tirol, located in the charming village of Stans. This is a great place for families, hikers and of course peace seekers… and I would add for “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” fans, as the place somehow remains the nature from these great movies.


Wolfsklamm is probably the most popular gorge between Achensee, Zillertal and Innsbruck and for sure the most beautiful one! The place is perfect for hikers, but not for mountain bikers, as there is a narrow hiking trail with more than 300 steps going up and down. The Wolfsklamm is a perfect place for each average hiker with good (!!!) shoes – the steps are absolutely slippery! I would not recommend the tour on rainy days as the humidity in the gorge is high anyway.


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Above the gorge, you can go to the monastery of St. Georgenberg (30 min). St. George Berg (Mountain of St. Georg) is the oldest pilgrimage site in Tyrol and is also worth the visit! Right next to the church there is a popular pilgrimage stop where you can eat and drink something under the shady chestnut trees on the sun terrace with a view over the mountains.



Tour category Natural spectacle
Mountain range Karwendel Mountains
Region Stans, Schwaz
Time Half-day to full-day trip
Entry EUR 4,50 Adults, EUR 1,00 Children, Groups (10+) EUR 3,00
Opening times / operating hours From May till the  End of October
Valley location 563 m, Stans
Parking fee, full-day EUR 4,00
Excursion Destination Since 1901


Wolfsklamm Stans - Tirol

I would definitely recommend the Wolfsklamm for a daily trip on sunny days! The nature is absolutely unique and you can totally relieve the pressure by the freshness of the air and the sound of water.
Enjoy the day!

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