Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

Hello! Today I have something for you which used to be my go-to Travel Palette for the last 2-3 years and my go to product when it comes to “Just Grab Something” easy morning routine! This is the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette which includes three beauty products: bronzer, highlighter and blush. For more facts, stay with me!

Urban Decay Flushed Palette
As I said, this 3in1 palette is fantastic for travelling, where I don’t want to put 3 different separate products in my beauty bag – for this reason, this one is perfect! The overall pigmentation is good and it allows me to build up some colour, or to wear them applied sheer on my face. The combination of colours, I think, is not only for pale skin tones, but also for people with darker tan as the blush, for example, is really pigmented and differently applied it can differ in its intense. The same here is with the bronzer.

Urban Decay Flushed Palette


The bronzer in this palette is a medium colour with slightly orange undertone and it has a light sheen to it, but is definitely not glittery! The texture is steady but smooth enough, in order to be applied really easy with contour or powder brush without having fall outs. The texture of this bronzer is really different than the eyeshadow texture from Urban Decay, which are rather buttery and creamy. This one is more of a powder and I like it as it is. I think it will perfectly work out with cooler skin tones, as it has a really warm undertones. Because my skin is more on the wormer side, I apply this one barely as a bronzer – it is too warm to be used as a contour powder on my face.



The blush is really gorgeous medium to dark deep rose colour with a hint of a coral, warm undertone. The finish is 95 % matt and 5 % it has a slightly amount of a shimmer. This shimmer, however, disappears with its application on the face. My favourite part about it is its long staying power on my face! Literally, it could stay on my cheeks till I wash my face, no matter how long it will take till I’ll do this. I’m a bit careful by the application,  because of its insane pigmentation. A small amount of this product is absolutely enough for the rest of the day.



The highlighter is a beautiful champagne frosted colour and it has definitely a metallic finish. The formula here is really different than the formula of the other two products from this palette as it glides on the skin softly and almost creamy! It is one of my favourite highlighter and to be honest, I love applying this one with fingers. It stays on my face all day long and I think it will look even more beautiful on darker sun kissed skin tones than on my pale skin. That’s why this one is a favourite go to highlighter in the summer months.

Urban Decay Flushed Palette

Overall this palette has a perfect travel size and the products are good pigmented and blend really well. They can be used one by one or blended together (which I don’t really like, don’t know why). From all three products in this palette I think the highlighter is my favourite. I’ll recommend this if you are searching for a good travelling all in one palette.

Urban Decay Flushed Palette
Enjoy the day!


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