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The Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist

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Passport & Visas Travel Insurance
Vaccination Passport Credit card Contact Info
ID’s Emergency Contact Info
Driving Licence / International DL Medical Insurance Cards
Travel All Tickets Member Cards
Conformations and Bookings House Keys


Credit Card
Debit Card
Cash, Valuta



Cell Phone + Charger Power Distributors
Camera + Charger + Additional Battery Music / Bluetooth Box + Charger
Laptop / Tablet + Charger Earplugs
Voltage Adaptors Batteries


Basic Dressy
Underwear/Bras Dress Shirts
Leggings/Tights Sweaters
Sleepwear Blazers
Footwear  Suits
Comfy shoes (sneakers, athletic shoes, etc.) Casual
Sandals, All-Rounder Shoes Tops, Shirts
Nice Shoes” Jeans
Flip-Flops Shorts
Outwear Rocks
Jacket/Coat/Raincoat Swimsuits
Hats/Gloves/Sunhat Sweatshirts
Scarves (Winter, Summer) Hat (Summer, Winter), Gloves



Reading Glasses Belts
Sunglasses Watch
Jewellery Hair Accessories



Toothbrush + Charger Nail File
Toothpaste / Mouthwash /Dental Floss Face Mask
Soap Razor + Shaving Cream
Deodorant + Perfume Feminine Hygiene
Hair Shampoo Scissors, Tweezers
Conditioner Lip Balm
Brush / Comb Hand Wipes
Hair Dryer (Flat Iron) Tissues
Styling Products Cotton Balls
Hair Conditioner Sunscreen (15, 30, 50 SPF + Face)
Face Cleanser Moisturizer (Face)
Makeup Removal Eye Cream


Foundation Blush
Concealer Highlighter
Mascara, Eyebrows Kit Eyeshadows
Lipstick + Lipgloss Eyeliner
Powder Powder
Bronzer Nail Polish + Removal


First-Aid Kit Anti-diarrheal Products / Imodium
Sleeping Pills Fiber Supplements
Insect Repellent Birth Control
Plasters Migraine Medication
Vitamins Tablets against Seasickness / Nausea
Sore Throat Medicine Pain Reliever


Umbrella Bag Scale
Travel Pillow Day Bag
Sleeping Mask Belt Bag
Travel Guides Beach Bag
Compression Bags Wallet
Mosquito Net Plastic Bags
Swiss Army Knives Laundry Bag
Microfiber Cloth Book

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