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by Tsvete Popp

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Last weekend we were driving from Canggu to East Bali by scooter, where we spent three wonderful sunny days. We visited Tirta Gangga, Taman Ujung, Penataran Lempuyang, Lemped Tree House, and were driving a lot around Mt. Agung. Mt. Agung was visible the whole time due to the lack of clouds (lucky us!). It is still not allowed to climb to the top of the highest volcano here on Bali, but I’m sure we will be able to do this someday.

We visited Tirta Gangga which is a Water Palace that always has been a tourist destination. The visitor numbers even exploded after being named as one of the most Instagrammable places in Bali. The name Tirta Gangga means “water from the Ganges”. The ponds with hundreds of colourful koi fishes are surrounded by beautifully kept gardens and many stone carvings and statues. Tirta Gangga was built in 1948 and constructed in a very unique Balinese and Chinese architectural style by the King of Karangasen and was meant to be a resting place for kings.

Pura Lempuyang Temple Bali is one of the oldest and most sacred temples in Bali. It is also believed to predate the majority of Hindu temples on the island, and the six holiest places of worship on Bali. According to Balinese beliefs, they are the main points on the island and are meant to provide spiritual balance to Bali. Located on the most eastern point of the island, Pura Lempuyang Temple Bali is around 2 hours by scooter from Ubud and 2 and a half hours from Seminyak, Canggu, and Kuta.

Penataran Lempuyang is the place in Bali where you normally wait for hours to get a picture made by Balinese guys squatted to get the perfect angle while balancing a mirror under the lens of a smartphone camera with which he took the photos. In front of us is the biggest Volcano in Bali, Mt. Agung. We were lucky to see him without the crowds, as I wasn’t expecting to be honest! It was one of these special moments during traveling for sure 🙏Now the temple was empty and everybody was very happy to welcome us as the first guest on that day. Most of the people are staying in the south which makes the rest of the island almost empty… A very difficult time for the locals who depends totally on tourism. Everybody is hoping this situation is not going to last for a very long time as Balinese people are already struggling a lot…


The Best of East Bali


I do not share very often photos from our accommodations where we are staying, although it is a huge part of the traveling. From the begging of this year we changed more than 60 hotel rooms, houses, homestays, bungalows, hostels, etc., and to be honest, we learned to love changing our home every now and then. Still, some of the accommodations were really special for us, like the Palmterrace (here) which is located in the middle of the forest in east Bali. I could easily imagine staying here for longer than just for the weekend, as everything was so peaceful and just perfect! If you are coming to East Bali you definitely have to check this natural paradise! Normally, we are not staying in high-class places, especially when traveling long term. But right now the prices for all accommodations in Bali are low due to the fewer tourists coming to the island, which makes everything much more affordable than usual.

The Best of East Bali

Where to Stay in Bali

As you would expect from a major Asian Island, Bali has no shortage of options when it comes to accommodation. There is no doubt – Bali is a very touristy destination! Most of the visitors stick to the southern portion of the island, the party area of Bali. If you like more quiet experience and nature – you should go to the North of the island. And for the “Real Bali”, you should stay in Ubud and Central Bali. Some “Keywords” for the most prominent areas in Bali:

 Kuta: party; backpackers; a lot of Australians; nightlife; cheap accommodations; tasteless; many surfers and surfer schools; sunning; the largest waterpark in Southeast Asia;

 Canggu:  has gained popularity among digital nomads, Instagrammers, and Surfers. Canggu is “Bali’s hipster central full with a quirky smart cafes, boutiques, and cafes selling the now-obligatory avocado on toast and branded coconuts with “I’m Vegan” sign…;

 Ubud and Central Bali: the “real Bali”; a shrine to Balinese Culture; temples; arts; rice fields; yoga retreats; classical artists’ villages; river valleys; five-star retreats; excellent restaurants; wellness programs; heritage museums; art galleries; fashion boutiques; no beaches; from backpacker homestays to luxury resorts;

 Seminyak: lots of designer villa beach clubs; glam cocktails; quiet sunset beaches; luxury five-star resorts; world-class beach clubs; the gay-friendliest place in Bali; fun bars; shopping paradise; designer boutiques;

 Legian: a mix of Seminyak and Kuta; beach resort areas; cheap accommodations; party; nightlife;

 Jimbaran: the best sunset in Bali; five-star hotels and restaurants; Seafood Cafes; High-End Shopping; cocktail bars;

 Amed and Tulamben: snorkeling; diving; chilling; seaport; bridging Bali to Lombok and Gili Islands; good low to middle price range;

 Sanur: middle budget tourism; chilling; good restaurants; first tourism resort area in Bali; laidback and quiet; relaxing atmosphere; perfect for honeymooners; local art shops and high-end boutiques;

 Nusa Dua: Nusa Dua is quiet and secluded. It is predominantly luxury hotels, beaches, and a small shopping center. The beaches are less crowded here and is perfect for honeymooners.

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