My Little World in 360° ~ Ricoh Theta s
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My Little World in 360° ~ Ricoh Theta s

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Probably not, but for sure, the most frequently asked question on my social channels is: “Those 360° pictures are awesome! How do you do them?”… And of course, I read a lot of funny ideas on how these 360° photos could be made. An example was, that I probably stick my cell phone on my head, followed by circular motions… not joking!!! Well, I’m glad I’m not spoiling my backbone as I found a better and not that fancy way to make 360° photos. Meet the newest member and the baby of my camera collection – Ricoh Theta S!


What is Ricoh Theta S?


Ricoh Theta S is a revolutionary full spherical camera, which captures entire 360°photos and videos. Theta 360° develops a new easy “concept of photographing” and brings my excitement as a junkie for photography gadgets to a whole new level!
Ricoh Theta S is a High Resolution and Full HD 360° camera that captures the perfect moment or records my memories in a longer movie.
[vrview img=”” ]  
*click-and-drag and look around!


How can you see the outcome?


Simple as it is – you have just to connect the camera with a PC or Smartphone via WiFi! There are several Theta applications for Android and iOs like Ricoh Theta S (downloads and safes photos from the camera), Theta+ (Photo Editing App) and Theta+ Video (Video Editing App), that is very user-friendly and easy to use without pre-knowledge. And lucky me – I finally found a plugin for WordPress that is actually working!
[vrview img=”” ]  
*click-and-drag and look around!
Ricoh Theta S comes with 8GB internal memory, dual fish-eye lens, LED status indicators (e.g. Photo, Video, On/Off, WiFi) and USB cable to connect with PC. Theta S weighs about 125g, is really light, very handy and perfect to put in any pocket-to-go! The battery life is meant to outlast about 260 photos.
Ricoh Theta S is absolutely easy to use – the only thing you should do is to press the main button! That’s it! Absolutely cool is the fact that the camera actually disappears on photos.



Ricoh Theta s 360
Another great and new possibility is that you can share your own Sreet Views on Google Maps!
*A funny fact is that the Street Mapping in the Faroe Islands is made with Ricoh Theta camera and the most natural resource there – sheep!

You can read more information about this great new product on 
All in all – I’m absolutely the biggest fan of Theta S and I use it almost every day! It is the funniest Camera I’ve ever seen and owned by now! And now I’m really excited to receive its underwater housing in the next few days!
Now I’m really curious about your thoughts! What do you think about these 360° photos? Do you like them or you prefer the Old School photography? Let me know <3
Enjoy the day!

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