Real Techniques “Bold Metals” Brushes

Hello! I’m excited to tell you about the pretty new premium range brushes from Real Techniques, called “Bold Metals”.  I used to love the powder and blush brush from this brand during the last 3 years as they became my favourite face brushes to use daily.

Real Techniques “Bold Metals” Brushes

As it happened this week, I saw the new “Bold Metals” at Douglas, during my lunch break, and they stayed on my mind for very, very long time till I decided to get the Gold Arched Powder brush.
Real Techniques “Bold Metals” Brushes
Real Techniques “Bold Metals” Brushes

Real Techniques “Bold Metals” Brushes
In general the “Bold Metals” line is presented as the premium range of Real Techniques, a brand, which went ridiculously popular because of its brushes. As I thought it will be, they are in higher price range than the original brushes, as you can find those between 15.00 € and 36.00 € on the market, and be aware to compare the offers between the online shops, because they are different!
I want to say, that I’ve been always satisfied with the quality and the softness of their original brushes, that’s why I went even more curious as the Samantha Chapman (the founder and owner of Real Techniques) noticed, that the softness of the “Bold Metals” is nothing to compare when it comes to quality and softness. You can find this information on the website:

Anatomy of Perfection

We had one goal: to create a breathtaking, premium brush line that delivered amazing results.

Luxury Appeal

Real Techniques “Bold Metals” Brushes
What I really appreciate is this luxury feeling of these brushes, the unique design and interesting shape, and of course the stunning metal colours. And yes, they are made from super soft, high quality synthetic bristles, and the overall design is really unique.


Currently you can find on the market  7 different brushes from the “Bold Metals” Collection and they are divided in 3 “metal” categories:


Silver (eye brushes): 200 Oval Shadow, 201 Pointed Crease, 202 Angled Liner
Gold (face brushes): 100 Arched Powder, 101 Triangle Foundation
Rose Gold (finishing brushes): 300 Tapered Blush, 301 Flat Contour



Where to find them

As I took the #100 Arched Powder Brush, I can give you my thoughts about it in the next lines:

 Real Techniques “Bold Metals” Brushes

Real Techniques #100 Arched Powder Brush


It is pretty large, gorgeous paddle-shaped brush with absolutely soft, synthetic bristles. The brush head is about 2,4 cm thick, 4,0 cm in wide and ca 5,0 cm in long. The totally length of this powder brush is 21 cm. The colour of the bristles is snow-white and I think the white colour make it even more luxurious. The weight is just right and the handle form is absolutely comfortable to hold. By applying powdery products to my face, I could absolutely enjoy the softness and silkiness of the bristles.


Real Techniques “Bold Metals” Brushes


I use it to apply powders to my face – that means not only powder to set my makeup, but also for applying blush and bronzer. The form of it (as it is definitely flatter that the original form of powder brushes) allows dabbing e.g. blushes on the cheek apples. I think I will be using it primary as a blush brush.



What I do really appreciate and am happy about is the form of its handles – my brush doesn’t roll of when pitted on the table.


Finally, I would say: I’m absolutely happy with this brush. I love the luxury moment, when applying my makeup in the morning. It gives me this “princess feeling” and of course – the quality is amazing! If you are keen on pretty designs and exclusive items – go for the “Bold Metals” line!
Enjoy the day!


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