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Quick and Easy Holiday Outfits

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Hello! Today I decided to share with you some of my lazy holiday outfits, which I took with me for the week in Majorca. This time, I even managed to improve my skills at packing less stuff than ever (clothes and accessories) for the whole week! How did I choose what to take with me? Actually, very simple, but it works just fine – firstly, I chose the bag and everything else was supposed to be suitable for it! The little beauty from “Modalu England” goes perfectly with the most things from my summer wardrobe, which made my choice even easier.

Majorca is Always a Good Idea

What did I take for the 7 days/evenings in Majorca? Different swimsuit for every day (yes, I’m slightly crazy about swimsuit …), 4 dresses, 4 shirts, skirt and 2 pants, hippie kimono for my “@the beach look”, flip-flops, 2 pairs of sandals, underwear, 1 bag +1 beach bag … and my favourite sneakers from Nike. I think that’s it! I had everything that I needed for a week.


Now I’m really curious about your packing skills? Do you have any tricks, advice or good ideas? I would be very happy and thankful to learn something new from you, which I could test on my next vacation!




Grey Dress: Esprit
Hippie Dress: Esprit
Tassel sandals: Dolce Vitta
Gold Sandals: Lucky Brand
Bag: Modalu England
Bracelet: Stradivarius

Enjoy the day!

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