The 10 “Don’ts” ~ Prague

by Tsvete Popp

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Each time before visiting a new city, I’m searching for some articles about Dos and Don’ts and believe me – this could save money and time! On the last weekend of October, I finally decided to visit Prague and I can already tell you – this city is definitely one of the best you can visit in Europe! Prague is gorgeous and mystic and even a week or two won’t be enough in order to visit everything I wanted… But the Prague can be tricky, especially when you have only two or three days. That’s why I decided to start with the tricky side of Prague:


Long Weekend in Prague ~ Day One


Entering the Old Town of Prague you will notice some Old-Timer that looks actually good, but the cars are not really old – they are just made to look vintage. Anyway, if you are really keen on it – go for it! Make sure you have fixed the price for a ride, because otherwise, you might receive a bill not worth the experience.

Streets of Prague

#2 “Don’t” High-Heels


Whatever you have planned, please, do not wear High-Heels!!! The streets in Prague are paved like in no other city – there are small cobblestones, bigger cobblestones, even cobblestones, uneven cobblestones, patterned cobblestones, random cobblestones! The cobblestones are everywhere! Do not understand me wrong – I really like cobblestones because their mosaic is delightful for the eyes, but please make sure you have your comfy shoes for the week in Prague. Even though I had my very comfortable sneakers on, I experienced several stumble spots during my stay in Prague…

Streets of Prague

Streets of Prague

#3 “Don’t” Fast-Food!


Oh c’mon! I couldn’t even believe that there were actually people in McDonald’s and KFC in the Old City of Prague … Probably the most risk-averse tourists, when it comes to foreign food. But here is not Asia, so you probably won’t get any fried grasshopper or what so ever! And to be honest – the traditional Czech Cuisine is absolutely delicious, especially when it comes to BBQ and Steaks! And everything is much cheaper than in Western Europe! Each meal was a celebration for my sensations … Try as much as possible variations from the local cuisine – you can’t get wrong!

Streets of Prague

#4 “Don’t” Trdelnik


Trdelnik (a sweet, fire cooked, cylindrical cake) is everywhere, like the cobblestones in this city – it smells good, but the price of 4 € is absolutely ridiculous and it is not really something from the Czech Republic! For the same price you can get ca 3 big real CZECH pilsners! Na zdravi!

Streets of Prague

#5 “Don’t” Buy a Beer which Costs More than 49 CZK (ca 1,80 €)


A normal price for a beer should be max. 49 CZK, but of course there are some locations, e.g. the small locations in Prague Castle, which offer a small beer of 0,33 ml for 100 CZK!!! For 100 CZK you can get even three big ones in a normal restaurant …

Streets of Prague

#6 “Don’t” Exchange Money!


Maybe because I’m from Eastern Europe, I’m able to smell a fake Exchange Shop from kilometres! Unfortunately, not everybody develops similar to my skills while growing up in Eastern Europe. Maybe this is the reason why you can find 1001 Exchange Shops in Prague (only in the Old Town) from which 901 are probably fake! Don’t exchange your money by Gordon Dekko and be careful with any exchange shop! The best option is to change money before visiting the Czech Republic or even better – use your credit card.


But if you decide to get extreme and exchange money, always ask for the final amount including commission! It is a bit complicated, when it comes to calculating from CZK in EUR, but to make it simple 1 EUR = 27 CZK (or 4 EUR = ca 100 CZK).

Streets of Prague

#7 “Don’t” Taxi


The taxi issue and the never ending stories from Prague – being a foreigner in this city makes it even more difficult to recognize which one is normal and and which one fake. Just search for “Taxi in Prague” and you will get numerous YouTube videos to enjoy (here). My advice is, do not take a Taxi parked near bus or tram station, always ask for the price before getting in and always take the printed bill after paying. A much better way to get from A to B is by bus or tram (it only costs ca 1 EUR) and the best way – just walk!

Anyway, if you still need a taxi, call one of these:
AAA Radiotaxi: +420 222 333 222
City Taxi: +420 257 257 257
Halotaxi: +420 2 4411 4411
Sedop: +420 777 666 333
Streets of Prague

#8 “Don’t” Stand in the Queue!


There are hundreds of museums in Prague. In front of each one, there are hundreds of people standing in the queue and waiting to get a ticket. Be smart – buy tickets online!

Streets of Prague

Streets of Prague

#9 “Don’t” Wait at Hradčany, Prague Castle


There are two entries to Prague’s Castle: the central west entrance and the hidden east one (Černá věž). Don’t make the mistake to wait at the central entrance – it will take years in order to get inside. And even worst – it is only the security check! So you will have to wait inside again (to buy tickets)… Solution: just get your tickets online and wait at the hidden east entrance and the best time of the day is after 1 pm or really early in the morning.


Streets of Prague

Streets of Prague

#10 “Don’t” Karlstein Castle on Mondays!


Castle Karlsein is located in the village of Karlštejn, 30 km southwest from Prague. We were planning to visit it on our way back home. But the best way to learn something is by making mistakes! Firstly, the Castle Karlstein is closed on Mondays (it was Monday). And secondly: do not drive to the castle (only people who live there are allowed to drive through the village), because it will costs you between 1000 CZK and 2600 CZK! Yes, my second mistake …

Karlstein Castle

Karlstein Castle
Do’s or don’ts – make yours! Forget everything and enjoy the beautiful city …

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