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Pemuteran: 8 Reasons to Visit the Mezmerizing Coastal Village in North Bali

by Tsvete Popp

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Welcome to one of the hidden gems of North Bali: Pemuteran! Pemuteran is located in the North West of Bali and is one of the ideal places to visit if you want to escape the crowds in the southern parts of Bali. From Singaraja, the capital of North Bali, it is just 1.5 hours of drive to Pemuteran, a sleepy little town on Bali’s north coast. Here is barely any traffic, the beaches are free of tourists, and neither packaged tour groups nor party-seeking backpackers tend to make it all the way here. Pemuteran is a remote corner of North Bali, known for offering some of the best diving and snorkeling on the island, and is the perfect escape if you are searching for real holidays!

Where to Stay in Pemuteran

As you would expect from a major travel destination in Southeast Asia, Bali has no shortage of options when it comes to accommodation. As always, I’d suggest you stay somewhere central, to make accessing all the attractions as easy as possible.

The best places to stay in North West Bali are Pemuteran, Lovina, and in the North East Amed.

Amertha Bali Villas – We stayed here for four days and absolutely loved our experience. We cannot recommend this adorable peaceful place enough. Hands down, it’s one of the best places we’ve ever stayed! Amertha’s 14 gorgeous Villas are surrounded by lush tropical gardens, serene open spaces, emerald green mountains, and the turquoise sea. Amertha Villas Bali offer 2 categories of Villas: Oceanfront and Garden View. All Villas have private swimming pools and exceptional luxury amenities. You can also make a direct booking here.

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Pemuteran North Bali

Why you should travel to Pemuteran?

Sitting right on the border of West Bali National Park, Pemuteran is the main gateway to get to Menjangan Island – one of the best spots for diving and snorkeling in all of Bali. A short boat ride away, this is a fantastic spot for snorkeling and diving. Pemuteran is peaceful, sleepy, raw, and unspoiled, captured in between the mountains and the sea.  Setting out on a boat early in the morning and watching the clouds roll over a volcano in the distance just might be one of the best possible starts to a day ever.

Pemuteran Diving

Located approximately 150km from the southern tourist hotspots means that a trip to Pemuteran is either going to be a long day out, or plans need to be made to stay for a night or two. We suggest the latter, as there are a lot more things to do and see at Pemuteran than might be expected. Pemuteran is a place that features serene beaches, crystal clear waters, award-winning reefs, and views that seemingly run forever.

Pemuteran Travel Guide Amertha Villas

We stayed and enjoyed our time at Amertha’s Bali Villas which has 14 gorgeous Villas surrounded by lush tropical gardens, serene open spaces, emerald green mountains, and the turquoise sea. They offer 2 categories of Villas: Oceanfront and Garden View (the one that we chose to stay in).  All Villas have private swimming pools and exceptional luxury amenities.

Amertha Villas Bali Pemuteran

Things to do in Pemuteran

1. Menjangan Island

The number one thing to do in Pemuteran is to visit Menjangan Island which is part of West Bali National Park. Whether you want to go on a snorkeling trip or a diving adventure, this place is amazing! Menjangan is only a small island but it is surrounded by beautiful coral gardens and a great variety of marine life. Here you can spot beautiful and healthy corals, clown fish, sea horses, parrot fish, and lion fish. There are simply no limits to what you will find on a dive trip to Pemuteran.

Diving Pemuteran

2. Enjoy your private villa as much as you can!

Well, as we all know (unfortunately) it’s not every day that we can get to enjoy staying in a private pool villa on a tropical island like Bali. Wake up to the wonderful garden and ocean views, have coffee and breakfast by the poolside, take a plunge in the crystal clear water of the pool, and spend undisturbed quality time with those you love most. Permuteran is perfect for it! No distractions, just natural beauty, privacy, luxury, and oceans of time. Amertha Bali Villas is the perfect place if you are searching for all of these!

Pemuteran Amertha Bali Villas

3. Visit Gili Putih Sumberkima

Gili Putih Sumberkima is a small strip of a sand island located just off Pemuteran. Having become famous recently on social media, it has also become somewhat of a mecca for tourists seeking the “desert island” experience. Consisting of white sand and coral remains from the surrounding reefs, it is the perfect place to getaway from it all and relax in the solitude that an

4. Jungle Trekking

In West Bali National Park, you can spend your morning hiking through forests and crossing rivers. Watching out for monkeys as you ascend and earn views across the park.

Pemuteran North Bali Amertha Villas

5. Take A Trip To Mount Ijen

Mount Ijen is a volcano with a difference. It is located on the Eastern end of the island of Java and is only a short trip from Pemuteran across the ferry from Gilimanuk. A relatively short hike by volcano standards, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a natural phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed.

6. Coral conservation Pemuteran Bay

Pemuteran has got the largest artificial Biorock reef project in the whole wide world, meant to restore the corals of the ocean – truly innovative and so very much needed in these modern times, this project is an amazing collaboration between dive operators, resorts, and the local community, working hard together to save the underwater paradise.

7. Temples

Aside from exploring under the sea, there are also three temples just outside of the town that are easily reached by bike and are all well worth visiting: Pura Pulaki, Pura Pabean, and Pura Melanting.

Pemuteran North Bali

8. Enjoy the Sunrise and Sunset on the Beach

In between all of the activities above, try to fit in some time to relax. Pemuteran is a beach destination first and foremost, so spend a few sleepy days on a sun lounger admiring the view of the mountains and sipping on a coconut. The best surprise when arriving in Pemuteran is that you can actually enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. Amazing! When you stroll down the beach in Pemuteran, you will see a drastic difference in sand colors and textures as you go. Some areas have sand that’s black as night and extremely soft and fine, while other areas offer yellow sand and lots of pretty shells, as well as rocks and pebbles. Because of that, I highly recommend only swimming in the black-sand areas where there are no rocks!

Pemuteran North Bali

While Pemuteran isn’t the easiest place to access – especially for people flying in and out – the juice is worth the squeeze if you ask me. Escape the congested roads and crowded beaches of the south and give North Bali a try. Chances are you’ll find you enjoy it much more than the other side of the island. After spending four days and four nights in Pemuteran, I can’t imagine taking another trip to Bali without visiting this perfect paradise.

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Enjoy the day!




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