Origins VitaGing BB

Hello! Let’s start like this: I really love, love, love all products I’ve ever tried from the brand Origins except of this one! I really don’t like this product, but I still love what the brand stands for. This review is going to be short and summarizing my recent experience with this BB cream, but I’m kind of disappointed with its overall performance. Sorry, Origins …

Origins VitaGing BB

Why I don’t like it:


  • The application is horror! I tried everything – fingers, brushes, sponges, beautyblender.
  • It is very, very heavy product, which doesn’t blend with the skin!
  • It is absolutely sticky and doesn’t work with powders on the top!
  • It makes my dry skin oily and shiny ?!?!
  • It stays blotchy on my skin!
  • The actual colour is Orange?! Who does want to have orange skin tone?!
  • It breaks me out!
  • I cannot stand the smell of it!
  • Is expensive!


Origins VitaGing BB
I think, after all these CONS this will be my Flop product of 2016! I have ordered it online and I really wanted to love it as much as I love all other products from Origin … but it didn’t work out for me!
Origins VitaGing BB
Enjoy the day!


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