Origins Mega-Bright Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask

Hello! Each time I’m so glad and happy when I introduce to you a product that works exactly as promised to do. Again – something from a favourite brand of mine when it comes to skin care – the Mega-Bright Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask from Origins. First time when I put my fingers on this product was two years ago, when I won a giveaway from one of my favourite blogs And after falling in love with it – I purchased it from
Origins Mega-Bright Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask
First: make sure you can get a sample before buying the original product and see if it works for you. The price is a bit steep but any scent is worth it! The product is suitable for all skin types, but there is always a possibility that it won’t work out for you.

The Promise


This Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask helps restore translucency and diminishes the appearance of dark spots while you sleep. Skin awakens radiant and refreshed

Main Ingredients

Rosa Roxburghii, Molasses, Mulberry and Vitamin C and Chestnut Seed Extract and powerful hydrators to dramatically boost resilience, visibly reverse skin tone damage, revive translucency and fade dark spots.
Origins Mega-Bright Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask

How I use it

The consistency of the Mega-Bright Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask is interesting it texture, creamy and a bit heavy and after applying it, it feels sticky on the skin for the first 3-4 minutes. Then the stickiness goes completely away, as the product leaves a thin layer of fine moisture. For me it feels like moisturizer and less like face mask, as it absorbs really quickly into my skin. What I absolutely adore is the that this face mask smells delicious, fresh, and somehow fruity.
I apply it on my skin twice a week as a night crème. The smooth consistency glides perfectly on the skin, as I already said, is very quickly absorbed from the skin. You don’t have to remove this mask! I leave it all night long and my morning routine is the same as always.

Origins Mega-Bright Dark Spot Correcting Night Mask

Well, this is one of those not that easy to find products where you can see the difference after using it even once. The results are more or less permanent and the skin is absolutely gorgeous and soft on the morning after. It reduces the redness on my face as well as the dark spots which I have now and then. It makes my skin tone looks more even and bright. It gives me that little extra to my skin care that makes the difference! The only downsize is it price but it lasts me for more than a year to go through my first jar. Since I have been loving this, my skin looks pretty and healthy and my skin redness and dark spots are reduced.
Love it! Well done Origins!
Enjoy your day!


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