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Hello! Today I have three new lip products which I took in my last visit to DM. All new three  lip products are amazing and do recommend all of them to you. The colour range offers something for anybody and the price of all three is perfect in relation with the quality you get!


Astor Perfect Stay 16h Transfer Proof Lipgloss (ca. 11.00 €)

I’m really careful and a bit pessimistic when it comes to products with stain finish which promise to stay on your lips for ridiculously long time – whether they are really long lasting, but they dry out my lips as crazy they could, or they do not stay on my lips more than 1 hour… I picked up the Astor’s Perfect Stay 16h Transfer Proof Lipgloss because I really felt in love with this plum colour – Nr. 230 “Forever Plum”. The product has two applicators – the first one with the main product with colour and the second one which is more of a nourishing lip balm which you should put after the colour application. As sceptical I was, the more surprised I got after the first day of using this Lipgloss. I applied it in the morning (it was about 6:45 AM) and went home at about 18:00 and the colour WAS STILL ON MY LIPS after ca. 11 hours of wear and ANY reapplying! I took it off with my micellar water really easy.
So what could I say more about it: it’s absolutely long-wearing product, it a bit sticky (but really not confusing at all), it has satiny finish which dries after applying in a minute, the second gloss coat is perfectly nourishing and moistures your lips for hours and gives them a perfect shine. The colour of this product doesn’t transfer or run out your lip contour and is absolutely comfortable to wear. If you can find this product – take it!!!


Heidi Klum’s Tip?

Perfect Stay 16-Hour Transfer Proof Lip Colour offers stay true colour, perfect hydration and endless shine. It’s amazing how quickly the colour sets. Then, all I have to do is lock in my look with the lip-conditioning gloss, and go!


Perfect Stay Fabulous lipstick (ca. 8.00 €)

This Lipstick is again a great product for the price! It promises to be an all in one formula with stain power, moisturizing quality and comfort to wear. What it makes different from other stain lipsticks is the secret primer inside of it which will smooth your lips. Anyhow it has a great wearing power and it doesn’t bleeds out of your lip contour. It doesn’t stay as much as the Astor Perfect Stay 16h Transfer Proof Lipgloss but it was more than 3 hours on my lips. It has a creamy texture and is absolutely easy to apply and wear. In combination with the Catrice Lipstick it stays on my lips for about 6 hours. The colour range is great and maybe I’ll get some more colours next time when I visit DM.

Catrice Longlasting Lip Pencil (ca. 3.00 €)


Lip Pencils usually are products which I buy and forget to use. This one was picked up because the plum colour is suitable for the other two products that I got. I got the colour “Nr. 170 Plumplona Ole!”. The lip pencils from Catrice are really good for the price you pay – it doesn’t feel dry on the lips, it’s creamy and comfortable, doesn’t set in the lip lines, the staying power in combination with stain products is really ok. I can wear it on its own, but unfortunately I do not like the feeling of single lip liner on my lips although it is not drying at all. Because I have some other colours from Catrice I would recommend the whole line of lip liners for the amazing quality and low price.


Do you have any favourite stain lip products you can recommend? I’ll be happy to read your thoughts!
Enjoy the day!


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