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My Travel Bucket List ~ 50+ Places I Want to Visit Before I Die

Hawaii (USA) – Road Trip, Island Hopping, Helicopter Tour (2-4 Weeks)

how blue

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Vancouver, Canada – City Trip (3-6 Days)

#deepcove #boat #seascape #vancouver #reflection

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Peru – Roadtrip (2- 3 Weeks)


Disneyland California


Galápagos Islands, Ecuador – Road Trip, Island Hopping, (1-2 Weeks)


Australia – Road Trip (2-3 Weeks)


Bali, Indonesia – (more is more)


Florida – Road Trip and Trip to Barbados (2-3 Weeks)

Chasing the Sun by the sea-t of my pants. I don't own a GoPro, but I do appreciate what they have done to bring extreme sports and the point-of-view to millions of people that will never experience those situations or views. The story of this pic: I was out surfing Freights Bay one evening and a friend of mine asked me to hold their GoPro while they caught a few waves. Well a set came and I decided I wanted to catch the wave too… so I stuck the "floatie-handle-grip-thing" in my pants and surfed in. I left it recording on the paddle out and got this shot from a capture. Pretty damn epic to me. Picture credit goes to my boardshorts. #whatsupbarbados #barbados #caribbean #sup #standuppaddle #supsurf #jpaustralia #jpaustralia_sup #prosurf8'2 #islandlife #islandvibes #lifeisbetterwhenyousurf #lifeisbetterinboardshorts #idratherbethere #getoutside #sunset #sunsetsurfing #peaceloveandsunshine #gopro

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The Great Wall of China, China – (1-4 Days)


Mexico – Yucatan (1-2 Days)


LA – California (3-6 Days)


Japan – Scenic Train Rides, City Trips, Visiting several Cat Cafes (2-3 Weeks)

Missing this view #mtfuji #japan

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Niagara Falls and Chicago, USA –(2-4 Days)

‪This bird will never know it was in this picture. 🐦‬

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Scandinavia –Around Scandinavia in a Campervan (3-4 Weeks)


Namib Desert, Namibia – Photo Safari (2-3 Days)

#Repost @theastroshake with @repostapp ・・・ I’m impatient, so I’m sharing this photo. Shot during our recent trip to #Namibia for #EveryNewMoon September with @astrotanja and @brendon_wainwright. The famous #Deadvlei by night, with the #MilkyWay arching above. This is a single test shot I took while preparing for a much larger panorama, but Instagram wouldn’t show off its quality any better than a single image, so I started with this one. Consider it a sneak peek. 😊 I borrowed the “traveler” or “explorer” dubbed lighting technique from my friend and fellow team member Michael Goh (@astrophotobear), and will be writing more about the specific light I used for the shot soon in an article on, as it was AMAZINGLY PERFECT for this and many other shots! ******** As with nearly all of my recently posted wide-field and even some DSO images, I finished off the processing of this photo using the Photoshop actions we developed for, which are all available now at! I’d love to see your work finished off with these actions, so tag me and tell me! #astrophotography #photographingspace #natgeospace #nightphotography #universe #nightskyphotography #teamcanon

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Valencia, Spain – City Trip (3-6 Days)


Paris, City Trip (2-5 Days)

#Paris #Louvre #PyramideDuLouvre

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Thailand Island Hopping


Yosemite National Park – Camping and Hiking (3-4 days)


Tibet, China – Hiking, Finding Myself 😀 (1-2 Weeks)


Rocky Mountains (Canada) – Camping and Hiking (1-2 Weeks)


Perhentian Islands and Coral, Turtle Reef, Malaysia – Chilling and Snorkeling


London, England City Trip (3-6 Days)


Seychelles – another Week in Heaven …

#seychelles #jungle #beautifulview #nature #mountains

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Antelope Canyon (USA) – (1 Day)


The ABC Islands – Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao (3 Weeks)

Wellness for the soul! Pic by @stevefrancees #aruba #discoveraruba #Onehappyisland

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Egypt – 1 Week

Luxor Temple Luxor Temple is a large Ancient Egyptian temple complex located on the east bank of the Nile River in the city today known as Luxor (ancient Thebes) and was constructed approximately 1400 BCE. In the Egyptian language it is known as ipet resyt, "the southern sanctuary". In Luxor there are several great temples on the east and west banks. Four of the major mortuary temples visited by early travelers and tourists include the Temple of Seti I at Gurnah, the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahri, the Temple of Ramesses II (a.k.a. Ramesseum), and the Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu; and the two primary cults temples on the east bank are known as the Karnak and Luxor. Unlike the other temples in Thebes, Luxor temple is not dedicated to a cult god or a deified version of the king in death. Instead Luxor temple is dedicated to the rejuvenation of kingship; it may have been where many of the kings of Egypt were crowned in reality or conceptually (as in the case of Alexander the Great who claimed he was crowned at Luxor but may never have traveled south of Memphis, near modern Cairo.) To the rear of the temple are chapels built by Amenhotep III of the 18th Dynasty, and Alexander. Other parts of the temple were built by Tutankhamun and Ramesses II. During the Roman era, the temple and its surroundings were a legionary fortress and the home of the Roman government in the area. Luxor temple was built with sandstone from the Gebel el-Silsila area, which is located in south-western Egypt. This sandstone from the Gebel el-Silsila region is referred to as Nubian Sandstone. This sandstone was used for the construction for monuments in Upper Egypt as well as in the course of past and current restoration works. Photos by @airpano #egyptology #archeology #history #ancient #photography #art #travel #instatravel #photo #god #religion #sun #war #book #birth #bookstagram #jewelry#themet  #themetropolitan  #ancientegyptian #ancientegyptrules #egyptology #egyptianmummy #mummified #mummy #museums #egyptology #archeology #history #ancient #photography #art #travel #instatravel #photo #god #religion #sun #war #book #birth #bookstagram #jewelry

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Stopover (2-3 Days)


Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany – City Trip (1-2 Days)

Germany 📷 @stefanotermanini #instravel

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Iceland – Off-Road-Trip (2-3 Weeks)


New Zeeland – Road Trip, Paragliding (3-4 Weeks)


New York, USA – City Trip (1 Week)


Amsterdam, Holand – City Trip (3-4 Days)


Sardinia, Italy – Road Trip and Camping (1-2-3 Weeks)



San Francisco (2-5 Days)


Southeast Asia – Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines (Island-Hoping, City trips, Temples) … More is More


Las Vegas, USA – City Trip (3-6 Days)


Ireland – Coast Road Trip, (5-7 Days)


Grand Canyon, USA – (1-2 Days)


San Francisco– City Trip (3-4 days)


Bali, Indonesia – at Least a Week in Heaven …


Cuba – (More is More)


Iguazu Falls – Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina (1 Day)


Singapore – Stopover (2-3 Days)


Cape Town, South Africa – (2-3 Weeks)


Alaska (USA) – Road Trip during the Springtime (2 Weeks)

Throwback to living in Alaska. #myoffice #alaska #ketchikan #thetraverse #hiking

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Lisbon – City Trip (3-6 Days)


Stonehenge, England


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil(3-7 Days)


Kruger National Park – Photo Safari (2-4 Days)


And what is on your Travel Bucket List?! You can share your dream destinations in the comment section <3


Enjoy the day

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