Morphe Brushes 35W 35 Color Warm Palette

Hello! I’m so excited today that I can show you my brand new AMAZING and highly recommendable MORPHE BRUSHES 35W 35 Color Warm Palette! Although having this palette since two weeks, I was using its colours almost every day and I can already say that I’m majorly impressed! I bought this products after hearing and reading tones of good reviews from beauty bloggers and YouTubers and now I’m the next one who will be raving about it!

Morphe Brushes 35W 35 Color Warm Palette




All you get is amazing quality and plenty of colours (35!) including shimmer and matte shades. This beautiful highly pigmented palette has all the colours you need to create any look – day time or night out one. I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised with the quality of this MORPHE BRUSHES palette. Each eyeshadow is soft, creamy, unbelievable pigmented, blendable, and wearable! The metallic colours are just stunning! If you use a wet brush you will get the quality of the MAC pigments. I can and do compare it with my favourite eyeshadow palettes of Urban Decay and Lorac, because this is what you get – high end quality for some pennies per colour! And I’ll not forget to mention one thing that is pretty important to me – this product doesn’t smell like chemical laboratory … it has any sent, which is again – perfect!


Morphe Brushes 35W 35 Color Warm Palette




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Morphe Brushes 35W 35 Color Warm Palette

The palette is 16.43 £ ca. 22.00 € for 35 eyeshadows which is about 0.63 € per single eyeshadow!!! That’s insane to become a MAC or LORAC quality for such an affordable price! In my opinion, if the brand MORPHE BRUSHES decides to spent more money on some designer packaging they could definitely demand more. The packaging of their products is pretty basic: it has no mirror or fancy design or material. Though I appreciate and love designer packaging, the one that matters is the quality of the eyeshadows! Better to pay 22.00 € for really great quality than to spend 60.00 for unique packaging (which I have done … of course). So better you’re not skeptical for the basic packaging – think аbout saving your money on some great product!




I ordered the MORPHE BRUSHES 35W 35 Color Warm Palette from and the delivery took about 6 working days (it was packed really well!) and I did not have some shipping costs to pay. The shipping information you get on the website is the following:


Shipping to AUSTRIA


International Saver 5-7 Days €2.60
Free for orders above €20
International Tracked 5-7 Days €6.50
Free for orders above €99
International Express 3 Days €10.50
Free for orders above €198


Morphe Brushes 35W 35 Color Warm Palette


I would give the note of 9.5 from 10, because the packaging is not that amazing, although it is anything you’ll need. I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product! Probably and almost for sure, this will not be my last palette from MORPHE BRUSHES.


Do you have any experiences with MORPHE BRUSHES? I would be really happy to learn something more about their other product lines like brushes or blushes!

Enjoy the day!


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