Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions

Hello! Today I have the brand new “Masterpiece Glamour Extensions” mascara from Max Factor. When I talk about Max Factor and their mascaras I feel love and trust as a result from our long term relationship, which I have with these products since my Prom Makeup – about 9 Years now.
Except in year 2015, where I was using primarily “They’re Real” Mascara from Benefit, I had kind оf monogamous relationship in the last decade with Max Factor mascaras and I have being enjoying this!

My favourite Max Factor Mascaras are “Masterpiece Max”, “Masterpiece” and the lovely and most use “False Lash Effect Mascara”. I LOVE everything about them! Everything!

Now, about my lashes – one of those things I’m really thankful about. They are long, full,dense and with a sensuous curl. I never use mascara on my upper lashes, because I don’t need it. I never use second coat of mascara, because I do not like the effect of it. What I do like is my lashes but better, separated, dark black, and it have to be long lasting.

Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions

The new “Masterpiece Glamour Extensions” mascara from Maxfactor is a bit different than the other three mascaras which I love. It has short bristles, making it more difficult to reach every lash of mine. Bigger brushes have longer bristles, which make the application (for me) much easier in order to coat each lash. My problem with this one is that the application doesn’t separate the individual lashes enough! My lashes look clumpy and I hate it! This is the worst thing ever when it comes to clumpy lashes!
Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions
Anyhow, I think that the formula is the same formula as in the others Max Factor Mascaras and I am pretty sure about it. After applying it I take a second lash brush which I use to separate my lashes. Than is everything ok.
Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions
On the left side you can see my lashes after separating them with an additional brush and the right side is the clumpy side.
Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions
Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions
I will not repurchase it again. I’ll go for my favourite Max Factors mascaras instead. Maybe for someone who has quite sparse lashes, the effect would be different.
Max Factor Masterpiece Glamour Extensions
Enjoy the day!


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