Majorca is Always a Good Idea
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Majorca is Always a Good Idea

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Hello! I was gone for a while again, as the summer wind was blowing toward one of my favourite summer destinations – Spain. I’m not really sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not one of those people who like and tend to visit the same places every year (with exception of Sofia). Today’s post is about my second exception, as we decided to spend our beach holidays for the second time in Majorca … The first visit was in June 2011 and our hotel was located in Cala Millor. This time we spent our week in the north of the island, between Cala Ratjada and Cala Agulla.


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The island is like this – the nature becomes much more beautiful in the northern part of the island as in the south … And really – the nature in Cala Ratjada was even more beautiful than the nature in my memories from 2011. The crystal clear and turquoise water, the variety of great white sand beaches, the clean air from Majorca’s forest, the hospitality of Spanish people (which, unfortunately, doesn’t occur everywhere in Europe …) and the variety of delicious food were some of my reasons to return back to this beautiful island.


As we all know, the peak season for summer holidays in Europe is in August. This means that wherever you go, you probably will meet a bunch of loud people with their even louder children… So my advice for those of you, who are still without children, is to choose an “Adults Only” hotel at this time of the year. If you have children, probably it will be much better to rent a house somewhere in a quiet place. So this time we decided to stay in Spa and “Adults Only” hotel in order to enjoy (as much as possible) the silent hours in August.


Exploring ~ Majorca


I can absolutely recommend the hotel “Bella Playa”: everything was perfect – the spa area, the food, the rooms and of course the fact that we could reach all three beaches in Cala Ratjada (Agulla, Gat and Moll) without a car or bicycle. The best one Agulla beach was at only 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel.


I hope you have enjoyed the photos! The next time we will head to the north, as we are going to visit one spectacular place and at the same time the northernmost point of the island “Cap Formentor” and one of the most absolutely beautiful beaches of Majorca in Port de Sa Calobra.


Enjoy the day!

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