Lorac Pro 3

Hello! Let’s talk about my favourite brand, when it comes to the makeup category eyeshadows – Lorac! I already have their Lorac Pro 1 and the Lorac Mega Pro palettes and since I have those, I tend to believe that their product quality is one of the best you can get on the market for eyeshadows at all. This one I picked up in Ulta San Diego and to be honest I “had” to choose between Tarte “Tartelette In Bloom Clay” palette (because I don’t really need another one, and another one, and so ever eyeshadow palettes…) and this one. And again Lorac won the battle.

The new Lorac Pro 3 is a very thin make up palette, which contains 16 eyeshadows 8 matte and 8 shimmery colours. As in the first edition of the palette, the product comes with a deluxe size sample of Lorac’s „Behind the Scenes Eyeshadow“ primer and to be honest, I haven’t gone through the whole sample from the last time – it lasts forever!
Lorac Pro 3
Lorac Pro 3 has more neutral eyeshadows than in their previous Pro 1 (all warm) and Pro 2 (all cool) palette and I think, this one is absolutely perfect for everyday use, and for nude-junkies is definitely a perfect choice! The matte colours are creamy and perfectly blendable, as the shimmery ones (even though they are much more satin, than shimmer!).
Lorac Pro 3


I always have some problems with the packaging of Lorac Pro eyeshadow palettes. Although they are really slim and easy to take on a journey, I really DON’T like the material! It remains me of a pressed paperboard that gets dirty only after the first time of using this palette … and it is absolutely hard to clean! At least the packaging of Lorac 1 was black, so it is not that bad when it gets dirty… But this one! Well, I hope Lorac will come someday with a better packaging for their gorgeous eyeshadows!
Lorac Pro 3

MATT Colours

Blanc is very light, beige with yellow undertone with very buttery and smooth consistency.
Canvas is a light to medium beige with warm undertones and very soft formula, perfect as crease colour.
Cool Taupe is medium taupe tone with warm brown undertone. I like the pigmentation although it is less pigmented when applied, as when swatched. I like how blendable it is and I use it as transfer colour.
Pink Nude a light, muted peachy-beige with warm undertones and a matte finish. While the texture is very, very silky and finely-milled, there is a fair amount of powder kicked up and a tendency to sheer out on the skin. It was hard to use this as a lid colour as it tended to look dusty and drier.
Clay is medium to dark brown with red and warm undertone. Clay has absolutely smooth and creamy formula and almost no dustiness to it. I would say that its coverage is semi-opaque and it is easy to combine with the other colours from this palette.
Teraccotta is a cushioned, medium brown tone with warm, slightly orange undertone. This matte colour is a bit dustier than the other matte colours in the first raw and applied with fluffy blending brush it has mostly opaque payoff.
Dark Brown is an absolutely dark brown with neutral undertone, which makes it much easier for me to use it instead of black or dark grey colours in the outer crease to smoke my eye-makeup looks out.
Jet Black is a very deep black, matte colour with very opaque payoff when applied with a brush. The formula is very soft and its texture is finely milled and easy to apply, compared to other black eyeshadows I have played with.
Lorac Pro 3


Light Gold is a very light, peachy colour with warm undertones that has a perfect pearly sheen in its formula. Absolutely one of my favourite colours to wear every day, because it looks really beautiful on its own, applies easy and the formula is soft and smooth.
Almond Pearl is a bright beige colour with very warm and yellowish undertones. The finish of it is very unique and a frosted one. Its pigmentation is semi opaque and a bit difficult to build up. As the texture is pretty soft, I’m really careful each time when applying it – otherwise I get to much product on my lid.
Medallion is an absolutely beautiful, sparky, and medium to dark bronze colour that is perfect for the autumn and winter time. I prefer applying it with a wet brush, e.g. by using some setting spray, because it tends to be a bit chunky when applied with a dry brush.
Light Pewter is a medium beige warm tone and has a frosty finish. I really like its consistency and semi opaque pigmentation. Applied on my lid, it is less shimmery than when swatched.
Amethyst is a dark plum colours with brown undertone to it. The finish of it is rather satin than shimmery and I definitely like the colour payoff that is absolutely easy to blend and mix with other colours
Rose Bronze is again one of my favourite colours from Lorac Pro 3 that is a light to medium rosy-brown colour with very warm undertones and a gorgeous frosted sheen to it. Love using this one primary with eyeshadow base.
Dark Mocha is a dark brown with warm undertone colour, which has a frosted finish. It is very strong pigmented, has opaque payoff, but still very easy to apply.
Truffle is probably the only one colour with 100% cool and neutral undertone in this palette. The colour itself is a not that easy to describe and I would say it is a deep taupe brown. The texture of this eyeshadow is a bit hard, which make it a little bit hard to blend compared to Dark Mocha for example. But used with eyeshadow base there is no problem by applying it anyway. It has a satin sheen to it and the pigmentation is semi opaque.
Lorac Pro 3

Worth the Money?


Definitely YES! As a Lorac Pro “Lover” there was no chance to pass by this palette without buying it! Do you need this one? “Need” is a word I tend to avoid, when talking about makeup products. It is a stunning eyeshadow palette for everyday makeup! If you are keen on neutral, but buildable colours – this one is definitely something to have. Do you need to buy this when you either have Lorac Pro 1 or Pro 2? Hmm, I cannot answer the question, but the colours are definitely something different than the colours in the other two palettes.

Me personally, I loved the palette and I’m glad to have it at home. The quality is the expected “Lorac” quality, which is probably one of the best you can get on the market. The texture is overall very blendable, soft and easy to apply. The palette has definitely everyday colours, which are absolutely easy to wear and combine. And yes, I do absolutely recommend this new Lorac Pro 3 palette – something you will not regret!
Enjoy the day!


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