LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”

I love December, because of Christmas?! Also because of Christmas, but What I really like about December are all those beauty Christmas sneak peek sets which you can find everywhere to buy. Some of the brands offer some gorgeous Christmas sets which include a collection of several beauty products  (most of the time some sample sizes) – perfect to experiment with before buying something really expensive.


Last Christmas I missed the killer Benefit cheek paletteBenefit is a brand that I really like, but the fact is that the products are pretty expensive – so I regret purchasing them without testing with some samples. I always have wanted to try more of their cheek products, since I really like the Hoola bronzer for years now. Another absolute favourite of mine is “they’re real!” lengthening mascara which I use since 2 years. Having this in mind I was waiting for this year’s  Christmas gift sets from Benefit, hoping that they will re-launch the cheek collection from last year. And lucky me – they do!


LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics "REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette"


What I got a week ago is the Benefit 2015 holiday cheek palette which introduces all Benefit’s admired powder blushes, the Number One Hoola bronzer, a sample of “Watts Up!” Highlighter,  a mini Benefit “ They’re Real!” Push-Up gel liner pen and a “They’re Real” mini mascara! I really wanted to try the “Rockateur“ blush since it has been offered in Austria, as well as the “CORAlista” face powder which everybody talks about.


LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”


So, here we go – let me introduce you one of the most popular limited-editions of the Christmas season! The best-seller among all Benefit’s gift sets and because of the perfect unique combination of  hyped products!


LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”


Let’s look at this gorgeous Benefit “Christmacy” Palette:


The palette has unique packaging as all of the Benefit products – a little bit crazy, a little bit retro, a little bit Christamcy (because of its green colour). This make up box is heavily robust – you can take it everywhere with you (even on a festival … ) it will survive! The packaging is metal one with extensive “coinage”. It makes your eyes glow each time when you look at it!


LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”


This Benefit Cheeky limited edition Christmas set contains 8 hyped cheeky products, not only but including my favourite “they’re real!” mascara and the revolutionary eyeliner  (with no usual application) which I want to test since last year.


LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”


Let’s have a look at the beauties:


LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”


Dandelion face powder:

it is light pink colour blush with sheer, almost matt finish (with just a hint of shimmer). It applies easily and goes with many different make up looks! It can be used as a blush on your cheeks or as a brightening finishing powder all over the face. Perfect for everyday natural no makeup – makeup look!

medium size | 4.0 g | Original size 7.0 g


Hoola bronzer: 

I love this bronzer! It has natural bronze and matte finish, and it does not look  orange on the skin, even though I have a pale skin.  It is perfect for contouring, sculpting and defining your face. Make sure you tap off excess powder from your blush brush in order to avoid applying too much bronzer on your face – it doesn’t look good at all! It is longwearing and suitable for everyday make up. You can put it on your chicks for natural finish, on your forehead for “healthy” tan. No sparkle, No shine, No orange finish!

medium size | 5.0 g | Original size 7.0 g


CORALista face powder:

is warm coral-pink coloured blush with shimmery finish. I can say – it is my favourite of all! It is gorgeous colour with natural finish that makes your skin glow! It is suitable for any skin tone and it stays on the cheeks all day long.

medium size | 5.0 g | Original size 8.0 g


Rockateur blush:

is a rose-gold blush with shimmery finish. It is really decent and looks gorgeous with smoky eyes! This rose gold blush looks really pretty with golden eye make up looks as well because of its warm gold undertone.

full-size | 5.0 g | Original size 5.0 g


LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”


Sugarbomb face powder:

is a combination of peach, warm plum, pink and rose gold colour with beautiful shimmer finish. It can be used as a blush on the cheeks or applied with big fluffy powder blush all over the face.

medium size | 6.0 g | Original size 12.0 g


“Watt’s up!” highlighter

is a beautiful champagne coloured highlighter with warm undertones and cream-to-powder finish.  Important is that this highlighter has no shimmer, but gives a gorgeous delicate champagne sheen to your face! It applies smoothly and is long wearing! (after 1.5 h in the gym it was still on my cheeks!)

Small size | 1.5 g | Original size 9.4 g


“They’re real!” lengthening mascara:

deep black (jet black) mascara. Lengthening – Yes! Thickening – Yes! Longwearing – YES, YES! Curls – YES! Volumizes – YES! Lifts & separates – YES! It doesn’t smudge and I love the plastic brush! … The only problem is when it comes to taking it off…  “Have fun”! … But it is worth it!

deluxe sample | 3.0 g | Original size 8.5 g


“They’re real!” push-up eyeliner:

deep, matte black eyeliner. I have to experiment with it as it applies much different than anything else I have used before! It is a gel liner and meant to be the first gel liner in a pen, 24-hour wearable & waterproof. I should try it a bit more in order to make some comments …

deluxe sample | 0.36 g | Original size 1.4 g


LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”


According, you can:


… “create the ultimate glowing makeup look with REAL Cheeky Party. For a natural-looking tan, sweep hoola bronzer across the chin, cheeks, and forehead. Lightly brush on your favorite Box o’ Powder blush on cheeks, and then softly highlight cheeks and brow bones with watt’s up! highlighter. Finish off your pretty party look by lining and defining your eyes with they’re real! lengthening mascara and the lash-hugging they’re real! push-up eyeliner.”



LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”


LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”

LillaGreen |Benefit Cosmetics “REAL Cheeky Party Blush Palette”


Enjoy your day!


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