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Hello and let me introduce you some hair products from Aussie – an Australian brand which is pretty new on the European market. You can buy Aussie products in the drugstore like DM, BIPA, Müller, etc. The Aussie brand has proved again, that not all products of the same brand have  the same quality as well …


Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor for Damaged Hair 100ml (ca. 9.00 €)


Let’s start with a product favourite, and the reason why I’ve continued with buying Aussie products. I love using hair oils after washing my hair as a part of my hair care routine since years. I’ve used a lot of different brands and I have made already my favourites. It is really hard to make me a ”fan” of a new hair oil, because my  requirements are not that easy to fulfill.


My all-time favourite hair oil of “Macadamia” treatment is waiting to be reviewed in my “product-empties” basket, so I needed a new one.  I went to DM (you can find the Aussie products in DM, Müller, BIPA, etc.) and saw the Aussie hair oil, which was new to me and decided to take it with me after I noticed the ingredients, which include  Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba-seed Oil and Avocado Oil. Aussie 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor promises a repair for damaged, burnt out hair, even though it has a lightweight formula.


Aussie Hair Products


How to use it:


There are several ways to use hair oils (not only this one):


  • before shampooing your hair – as hair mask
  • on wet hair – after washing  and before blow-drying your hair
  • and after blow-drying your hair for amazing shine effect and glow


I primary use it after washing and before blow-drying my hair – and sometimes as styling product, when I have frizzy statically charged hair.


Note – 5! (1 min – 5 max)


  • The Price-Quality relationship is amazing! The best hair oil under 10.00€ that I have ever tried!
  • It doesn’t make my hair oily or heavy!
  • It avoids frizzy statically charged hair!
  • And it smells delicious!
  • Visibly repairs hair and makes it look silky, smooth and shiny (but not oily)!
  • It is an intensive care with great lightweight formula!


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Hair Treatment Luscious Long 250ml (ca. 7.00 €)


Another favourite of mine and top product from Aussie! This 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long hair treatment has intensive treatment formula that includes “Australian Eucalyptus” extract and “Avocado oil” extract. It turns the damaged, dry hair into shining, smooth, beautiful hair with brilliant shine! It smells heavenly and this smell stays even on the second day after washing your hair! LOVE IT! I have noticed that the Avocado Oil makes miracles to my hair!


Aussie Hair Products


How to use it:


After washing your hair, apply it as a mask (leave the roots free!) Wait for 3-5 minutes and rinse with water as usual.


Note – 5! (1 min – 5 max)


  • The Price-Quality relationship is perfect!
  • It is a fast and deep conditioner that makes your hair soft, shiny and smooth!
  • Makes your hair smell beautiful all day long… even longer!
  • It moisturizes my hair really well without making it oily or heavy!
  • … and all of this in 3 minutes only!



Aussie Luscious Long Hair Conditioner 250ml (ca. 5.00 €)


Let me introduce you the flop product of Aussie’s line: Aussie Luscious Long Hair Conditioner. This Conditioner has a “special” formula which includes „Australian Blue Mountain Blend” (what is this?!?! A combination of two different kinds of Eucalyptus extract named after some “ Blue mountains” of New South Wales: or, again, the ”Hocus-Pokus” part of the marketing game!), which should make your hair soft and gorgeous.


Aussie Hair Products


How to use it:


After washing your hair, put it into your wet hair tips, wait a minute and rinse with water as usual.


Note – 1.5! (1 min – 5 max)


  • The Price-Quality relationship is … not here … for 5.00 €+ you can find beautiful products on the market e.g. a Dove Conditioner, even Balea conditioners are better for less than 2.00 €
  • It does nothing for my hair!
  • 0.5 point go to its nice smell


Aussie Miracle Styling Mousse Volume + Conditioning 150ml (ca. 5.00 €)

The Aussie Miracle Styling Mousse is a hair foam called Styling Mousse for Volume and Conditioning makes your hair look fresh, clean and volumized … But the volume is not a long lasting love. It smells really nice, it doesn’t make your hair sticky and brushes out easily. The ingredients include a seaweed which meant to be nutrient-rich and to have skin-softening qualities – and really, it is pretty nice for the skin head (as I have sensitive one, I am always happy when this is not an issue…)


Aussie Hair Products


How to use it:


Put the styling moose at the roots of your hair after washing and before blow-drying. Massage well and you are ready to style your hair as you always do.


Note – 3! (1 min-5 max)


  • The Price-Quality relationship is O.K. but … you can find something better for under 5.00 € on the market for sure
  • It is nice, un-sticky and easy to brush out hair foam.
  • It smells beautiful and this keeps your hair fresh for long time.
  • The Hair Volume anyway is O.K. but only for short periods of time …
  • It is not better than my favourite hair foam from Pantene PRO V.



Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo 500ml (ca. 5.00 €)


Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo is a hair shampoo with “Australian Ginseng extract” and “Pearl Powder”, and it promises to revitalize damaged and tired hair. The extracts of Australian Ginseng are meant to be a nutrition and “boosting energy” for the tired hair and the “Pearl Powder” should make your hair shiny and silky.


How to use it:


Well, … just wash your hair as you always do!


Aussie Hair Products


Note – 3! (1 min – 5 max) 


  • The Price-Quality relationship is not that satisfying – I have used much better hair shampoos for less than 5.00 €…
  • The “Australian Ginseng” extract and “Pearl Powder” are for me just “Hocus-Pocus” Marketing Statement
  • It is just a normal shampoo! It is not bad – but nothing WOW!


The Aussie Philosophy:


“There’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start“


Enjoy your day!




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