“Last Minute” Christmas Gifts

December… 21 th, 22 th… and maybe 23 thPanic! Christmas and the presents still share the status of “What?! Christmas is here!? I need some presents … but how many … and of course – what exactly should I search for !?”. Actually, my “time management” is pretty great. I could say, that I’m even a talent – I’m having an appointment calendar (a book one) and additional Outlook with everything I have to do and want to do, which is always helpful! But back to the topic – getting Christmas Presents on time … A pure tragedy!


Since years, in fact ever since I can remember … I was seeking for Christmas gifts at the very last moment! And at the very last, I mean even on 24th of December  … I’m the greatest Christmas-gifts kind of catastrophe!!! That’s why is quite practical if I have a list of “Last Minute” gifts in order to save me from my embarrassment to appear somewhere with pair of socks (* it doesn’t mean that I don’t like socks – I do! But some of us feel like the most uncoolest and unhappiest on earth after receiving some socks as a gift!) …
That’s why, here’s my “last minute” quick list with some examples of Christmas presents. Let’s start:


Last Minute Christmas Gifts


       1. Popcorn Silicone Bowl


Popcorn! We all love popcorn! …But the problem with Microwave popcorn is that it contains a lot of fat! This silicone bowl make it possible –  pop a healthy snack in less than three minutes! It is a great idea for people who love popcorn aнd healthy snacks.Everything you need is to fill the silicone bowl with up to ⅓-cup unpopped popcorn and wait about 3 minutes! That’s it – delicious and healthy!


      2. Smoothie Maker


My top and most favorite (and also mostly used…) kitchenware! Who does not love smoothies!? Especially in winter time, when we all have that great variety of citrus fruits! Home made tasty and healthy smoothies in seconds – with fruit, vegetables or yoghurt, but also for crushing ice. I would be very happy with this present!


     3. Star Wars Toaster


A very hot topic in December this year, and a great opportunity to find an unique gift for someone who seems to just be impossible to shop for. This Toaster is just an example of all great gadgets out there, which you’ll be able to find in a store like “Saturn” or “Media Market”– it has always something for everyone! And with such of gadgets (I love gadgets) you can be sure to please every picky person in your life!


     4. Lush Bath Bombs


Single packed or as additional gift – the bath bombs of Lush (and many other products of this brand) are the perfect gift for the cold days when many of us enjoy some warm bath at home! These bath bombs are seriously fun – they are exploding with essential oils, flower petals and great colours and scents.  You have to pay attention to those who have a bath at home!


     5. Thermos Jug – Metallic Stelton Vacuum Jug


Staying on the winter wave – which of us doesn’t need some thermos jug in the winter? A sweet bonus of this one is the unique design! I’m in love with Stelton’s variety of colours and shapes! My favourite one (and I hope I’ll get this one soon) is the rose gold metallic vacuum jug. Stelton is just an example, but they are many other brands, who offer designer kitchenware so a trivial gift turns into something special!


     6. Champagne Glasses – Ritzenhoff


In December and January we have more holidays and reasons to celebrate, perhaps more than our usual weekdays. And on a special day all we need is just a nice glass of some favorite champagne! My favorite brand for glassware and cups is Ritzenhoff – their products are pure, modern and elegant and they saved me many times, not only before Christmas, but also when it comes to birthdays and special occasions. Ritzenhoff extraordinary designer glassware with their great quality is always a “good way to go” gift!


      7. А Wine Bottle Opener


The same scheme here – winter, holidays, wine, laughter … Universal gift with a nice design – turns into magic!


      8. Portable Battery for Cell Phones 


My MIPOW my faithful companion for years now! Favorite device and a permanent resident in my handbag! It enables me to charge my Cell Phone or Tablet when I’m on the go! And I guarantee it – nobody will never ever complain about this practical present! The choice of colors is great and you can find something for everyone!


        9. Yankee Candle


Yes, candles – Yankee Candle! The best! They are a good present for loved ones and also for good friends! You cannot go wrong with choosing these candles! They have a traditional design of classic jar candle, they provide exciting flavours and are perfectly long-lasting (the medium jar candle promises 60 to 90 hours of enjoyment!) The quality of these is just fascinating!


PS: I still do not have any Christmas gifts … But it is Saturday and I’ll hunt for some…


Enjoy your day!


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