Krabi Island Hopping: Visiting the Empty Koh Ngai, Mook, Lanta, Por

by Tsvete Popp

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Koh Por! The first local island in Thailand we were staying in! We met our friend from Germany during our Quarantine in Bangkok and 3 weeks later we made together this trip to Koh Por Island where his girlfriend is coming from. To be honest guys, I had no idea this Island was existing before our trip as it is not on the main path for tourism in Krabi region. We traveled by car from Phuket and stayed for 3 nights on the island.

Koh Por is located between Koh Lanta Yai and Koh Bu Bu. Taking a long-tailed boat from the Old District Pier, tourists will see Koh Por on the right. Village and school are available on the island where the majority live on agriculture and fishery, rubber and coconut plants especially are their main income.

Tha Kang is Koh Pors longest beach west of the island in the pier area the wide but slightly steep beach line stretches to the upper part in the north. The rear is a shady beach forest with shallow water possible for a swim, especially at the lowest tide.

During our stay on Koh Por, Krabi we did what we couldn’t do in 2018 because of time restriction – to make the 4 islands tour (the most famous tour from Koh Lanta). Because we were probably the only tourists to make this tour Now and from Koh Por, the only way was to rent a private Longtail Boat. This was the reason why the 4 island Tour became 3 island tour.

We visited Koh Mook, Koh Ngai, and Ring Island. For Koh Kradan, the longtail boat was just not fast enough to make it in one day.

Anyway, thanks to Bao and his friend (they are living in Koh Por) we had one of the best trips in Thailand! You cannot compare this kind of trip to the fast boat type of trip where you share your day and time with 40 other people … Being with the locals is the most precious time we have while we travel! We learn so much from them, and probably they don’t even recognize it!

On that day, Bao caught 3 fishes with a harpoon within 20 minutes. I’ve never tasted fresher fish before in my life … And yes, the difference in taste is immense!

Where to Stay in Krabi

As you would expect from a major tourist destination in Thailand, Krabi has no shortage of options when it comes to accommodation. As always, I’d suggest you stay somewhere central, to make accessing all the attractions as easy as possible.

If you are searching for a lively place with plenty of bars, shops, and restaurants, your best choice would be Ao Nang which is for sure the most popular and most crowded area in Krabi. If you are searching for remoteness and adventure activities as trekking, climbing, snorkeling, and diving the best area in Krabi is Railay & Tonsai Beach. If you are on a family holiday and you are searching for a shallow beach perfect for small kids – Nopparat Thara & Klong Haeng would be perfect for you. Koh Lanta is the best place for people who are searching for secluded beaches and a not-so-popular destination in the Krabi region. For honeymooners and people who want to have a piece of paradise for themselves – Koh Ngai is probably the place for you to stay in Krabi. You also cannot miss the Phi Phi Islands – one of the most beautiful places in the world! And if you rather want to have a city vibe and a more commercial hub – Krabi Town would be the perfect place for you.


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Enjoy the day!




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