High-End Beauty Favourites 2015

Hello! In the last blog post I shared with you my Top 10 Drugstore Beauty Products of 2015. Of course, I have another Top 10 to divide – my truly loved High-End Beauty favourites 2015! Any of those has been purchased before July 2015 and I have had a lot of fun with them all!


High-End Beauty Favourites 2015

Caudalie Divine Eau de Parfum


I’m not sure if this one is a high-end product, but it was not really cheap and is not that easy to find anyhow. This one is something really different and doesn’t smell like anything I’ve ever tried! It has such a ‘divine’ scent – it is warm, classy, stylish but trendy at the same time and is absolutely long lasting! Now it comes: It combines the heavenly scents of a Bulgarian and Moroccan rose, Virginia cedar, vanilla, citrusy grapefruit and spicy pink pepper. If I should choose only one word to describe this fragrance it would be “woody” (it contains cedar wood as well)! I will definitive buy another one when I finish this bottle!

High-End Beauty Favourites 2015


Urban Decay Naked 3


This palette is wonderful. All  colours (except ” Dust” which is a chunky shimmer) are all silky smooth, opaque, blend easily, and long wearing. The colors are rose-gold based, very wearable and lovely. I have worn these colours a lot during the spring and summer time, but it offers some dark colours also perfect for the winter time as well. It was my go-to for a natural eye look 2015!

High-End Beauty Favourites 2015


Dior Addict Lipgloss


This one is a luxurious item, but I could not say it is a must have one. Anyhow! I used to love it in 2015! It was always in my bag, and almost every day on my lips! So, it becomes a favorite of 2015! The formula is sheer, lightweight, hydrating, and HIGH-SHINE and applied on the top it makes absolutely every lipstick look like a luxurious one.


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte


This is maybe my all-time favorite lipstick! Not only because of its grandiose packaging but also due to its formula: the formula is pretty creamy with a high degree of shine, compared to the average lipstick is slightly thick, and is typically non-transparent on lips – one layer of these lipsticks and you already have amazing pigmentation. The finish is glossy and shiny, anyhow it doesn’t dry up your lips, because the formula is moderately hydrating. You can choose between many, many great colours, and  the wear time is not something unreal, but it can depend on the shade you have.


Benefit „They’re Real“ Mascara


I’ve already mentioned this one in several posts, but again: it doesn’t make your eyelashes clumpy and  I usually need only  1 coats and my eyelashes look amazing. The only one disadvantage of this mascara is – you cannot take it easily off … Anyhow, this product makes my lashes look like falsies but still be realistic!

High-End Beauty Favourites 2015


Origins GinZing Moisturizer


I personally love this moisturizer.  As I mentioned several times – I have dry and sensitive skin and I do need a good moisturizer for my face, but not an oily one! This is my ideal – is not oily, or sticky, but it helps dealing with my dry patches. It adds an amazing radiance to the skin and is perfect base before applying makeup.  I love its citrusy smell which gives me some p31ower in early mornings.  I would recommend this moisturizer from Origins to everyone, regardless of skin type.


Clinique All About Eyes Rich


This one is a really wonderful, great product! It is a moisturizing eye treatment that works against dark circles and puffiness. Well, I do not have problem with dark circles, but sometimes with puffiness and it does help! I think my eye area looks better when I use it regularly. The texture is perfect  – it is very moisturizing, but not oily.

High-End Beauty Favourites 2015


MAC Powder Blush in Mocha


This one was my wedding blush choice and that means how much I really love this product! Another fact – this was my first MAC blush. The colour is melange between beige and pink and makes the cheeks look very natural. The pigmentation is great and it gives even a bit of contouring definition. It stays all day long on my cheeks and it is hard to “overblush”.  If I should live with one cheek product – it will be this one!


MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder


During the years i have tried several MAC face powders, but this one particularly became my favourite. It makes the perfect finish, doesn’t make build dry patches on my skin, it doesn’t add an additional colour to my foundation and is very skinlike. I use this one since July, 2014 and I have used up no more than half of it! Definitive a must have powder!


CHANEL Vitalumière Aqua Foundation


As I bught this foundation a year ago I was pretty skeptical due to its light wearing formula with watery feeling. BUT, this products turned out to be ma absolutely mega magical product for a year now! I love applying it with fingers, because it has very fluid consistency, and the best – it is not oil based! I achieve a light to medium coverage, and sometimes I do use a conceiler to cover (if) blemishes. After all this is the foundation if you are looking for the most natural look you could achieve with makeup and a real skin-like satin finish. Most people wouldn’t guess that there is something on my face at all.

High-End Beauty Favourites 2015


Enjoy your day! 


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