Happy New Year 2018! + New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year 2018! + New Year’s Resolution

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The first year day of 2018 has come! 2017 was a good year, a bad year, a dynamic and challenging year, an adventurous year – It was all in all a great One! I hope 2018 will be at least that thrilling and even more successful 😍 Be healthy, thankful and loved!



Here’s My New Year’s Resolution:

More doing, less planning, stop judging.

To try something new – Meditation!

To write and post more frequently!

To read all the book I have collected in 2017!

To do much more sports (again).

To remember the goals and work on the big picture! (I’ll keep this one as a secret :P)…

To see my friends more often, spend more time with the people that matter.

To continue with working on my personal development and being more positive!

To travel more! Yes, more is more! Even though I travelled 60.797 km = 1.5 Times Around The Earth in 2017 and this is not an easy number to top it off, more travelling will be always a New Year resolution! Because it is not about the Kilometres travelled, but about the things learned. The moments enjoyed. The cultures and nature you see for the first time in your life. The fruits you have never seen before. The friends you would never meet. The sun you could never feel. And even the fear you would never sense … Yes, it is all about travelling! Travel as far as you can … Only there you will find some new insights about the World, about yourself, and even about your home … Only when you are far enough …

To keep on with eating healthier food and causing less food overall!

To become even more minimalistic and to “infect” others with living a Minimalistic Lifestyle… To live simply, to buy only what I need!

To do some “Real” travel Blogging and to Rock On with LillaGreen!

To become more confident and take more chances!

To drink (much) more water, move more, sit less.

To take a full day off from Social Media at least once a month!

To improve my concentration and mental skills.

To get more into Cooking, (or to learn how to cook….)

What are your goals for 2018?

Have a wonderful year! Thank you for following and reading my thoughts <3


Enjoy 2018!


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Tsvete Popp is a travel and lifestyle blogger based in Innsbruck, Austria. LillaGreen is about living the life of a dreamer with passionate devotion to travel and photography. LillaGreen encourages you to explore the World by creating your own rules to follow.

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