My 10 most valuable insights into life from the last 10 Years ~ Fire Show
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My 10 most valuable insights into life from the last 10 Years ~ Fire Show

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On 2nd August 2017, I turned 30 years old! I thought it is time for some personal feedback on the most valuable insights into what I have learned during the last 10 years. And maybe it is a good idea to share my thoughts with you… And I hope you will do the same in the comment section 🙂

Let’s start!


The Perhentian Islands Travel Guide ~ Malaysia


PS: The fire-show pictures are taken by me. Location: Perhentian Islands (read more here), Malaysia. The main actors: some free souls who are living a happy life on a beautiful island.


Perhentian Islands Fire Show
Perhentian Islands Fire Show

Stay Positive


I have learned to dissociate myself from negative and jealous people with negative thoughts and destructive criticism. The better you get, the more people will try to put you down, soak your positive energy and demotivate you! These are people, who do not practise their own satisfaction. Their leading emotion is not “love”, but “fear”. The lack of happiness doesn’t allow them to accept your happiness! So why you would decide to share your life with such kind of black souls? You can decide who you want to be – one of those negative and destructive creatures, or somebody who seeks to find the “higher self” and the utter satisfaction of being on this Earth?! Keeping your thoughts busy with negative thoughts about negative people is like drinking poison and believing that somebody else will be poisoned by it. Relieve yourself from these thoughts, find your passion and forget the fear of starting something new.


Top 15 Reasons on Why You Should Visit Malaysia!


The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself: the questions lead to answers – answers generate emotions – our emotions drive our behaviour – our behaviour leads to results. The questions are the reasons why we have emotions and our emotions make us what we are – positive and open to the outside world or negative about everything unknown and insecure about our future. I have learned (and I’m still learning it) to dissociate myself not only from negative people but also from my negative thoughts. The negative thoughts are the result of your fear and the only way you can battle against it is by creating your own happiness.


FEAR: “Face everything and rise” Papa Roach


Perhentian Islands Fire Show
Perhentian Islands Fire Show

Change and Learn


You cannot expect to see change if you never do something differently! And how could you? Imaging 2 plus 2 is equal 4. Now you want to have 6. If you continue to add 2 and 2 you will never get 6. You should try something different! The same logic can be applied to ANYTHING in our life. You don’t like where you are? Move – you’re not a tree! You don’t like your job? Change it! Our life is too short to do things that we can but do not like!
Think about what you’re good at, learn, learn more, and get better! Learn something new every day, your whole life! “Yourself” is the most precious treasure you’ll ever have! Invest in yourself. Allow yourself to experience. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Take decisions. The best decision is the right decision. The second best decision is the wrong one. And taking no decisions is the worst decision you can ever take! Be active. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams! But be smart on the way to your dreams!


A Quick Guide to the Cameron Highlands ~ Malaysia


Perhentian Islands Fire Show
Perhentian Islands Fire Show



We have nice watches, but no time! Every single minute on this Earth is a present for us and we are the only one who can decide what to do with it. I’m really fed up with passive, oafish people – the product of our society. I’m really fed up with souls who are consuming the life of somebody else from the TV, social media or YouTube. I’m really tired of passive consuming and living fake life creatures that probably cannot recognize them as such. You are the boss of your life! You decide whether to live the life you want, read some books, have a healthy lifestyle, and be liberal and open to the diversity of life. Or being some passive audience of Facebook, Instagram, TV-sh*t or some YouTube pseudo stars with faked life. Question anything, do not believe in everything and hold onto what is good.


Perhentian Islands Fire Show
Perhentian Islands Fire Show

Follow your Path


You cannot change the people around you. The only person you can change is you! You are your whole-life-project! Your challenge is to find out who you are, who you want to be and what makes you happy. Find what you’re good at and get better! Every day! Don’t waste your time on things you’re not passionate about. And learn to walk.


After we learn to walk, we start following our own path. Each path in life leads to a different place. Don’t follow the path of somebody else – make your own. You cannot get to your dreams while following somebody else’s path, right? I was following the path of somebody else many years ago. I was afraid of not following that path which was given to me. Now I’m afraid to continue following it. But I won’t! Big changes are coming and I cannot wait another 40 days to come back to my path. And of course, I’m a bit afraid and also amazingly satisfied!

Street Art in George Town ~ Penang


Perhentian Islands Fire Show
Perhentian Islands Fire Show



With the keyword money, I’m keeping it always short and simple: money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can buy a plane ticket and that’s kind of the same thing. My next level in life is to make money by something I’m passionate about. And to work with delighted people who love their life – I have enough of soulless ghosts with ties who make money without any sense of living. Because money is not my life intent, but a sole purpose of being able to practice what I desire – “buying plane tickets”.




The word that changed a lot in my life – Minimalism. And When I’m talking about minimalism, I’m not meaning living with 30 items and sleeping on the floor of a 10 m² room. What I practice is “Less is more!”


  • Possessions: I consciously disclaim buying new stuff which I don’t need. Cheap clothes and technic is too expensive – I invest in a good quality and long-term usability. I do not buy FAST Fashion, I do not order tomfool items on Aliexpress or eBay or what-so-ever-1-€-online-shops. Another small example: I do not buy tonnes of cheap sunglasses because the Ophthalmologists in Austria are too expensive. The calculation is easy: 10 cheap sunglasses x 15 € = 150 €. Think one more time – do you really save money???
  • Drinking, smoking, eating unhealthy food, going out: do you really know how much does it cost each month? We rather should invest in our mental and physical health by eating healthy food, do a lot of sport, and learn.
  • Creating vs. Consuming: We are creatures on this Earth and our job is to create! If you can paint – go outside, enjoy the sun and paint something. If you can write – write a letter to your best friend. If you’re good at photography – share with us the beautiful World that you see through the lens of your camera. If you can cook – invite your family to dinner at home.
  • (Re-) Discover the simplicity of life: nature, sun, family and friends, good music and motivational books… What is simpler than this?


Perhentian Islands Fire Show
Perhentian Islands Fire Show



The distance between my dreams and all I have achieved in my life is discipline. Many people think that discipline is a border to freedom – it is not! Discipline is choosing what you want now, and what you want more. I have learned that discipline saves my precious time, and time is pretty much everything that we have. Discipline does not cooperate with your comfort zone. Why? Because your comfort zone kills your callings and discipline works for them!


Perhentian Islands Fire Show
Perhentian Islands Fire Show



The only thing that makes me richer is the places I saw and the people I met. One of my absolute favourite quotes of all times is:


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain


And it is true! I’m much more disappointed by the decisions I didn’t take, than by the “mentally deficient” actions during my twenties! There is nothing that makes me as happy as to break new ground, to learn from new cultures, to eat something I have never eaten before … When somebody says to me “there is nothing more beautiful than my homeland” it sounds to me like a weak compromise of not being willing to expand the own horizon and life attitude. Travelling makes you liberated and liberal, open-minded, curious, more creative, well-adjusted, more self-confident, a better problem-solver person. And it is fun!


Perhentian Islands Fire Show
Perhentian Islands Fire Show

“Is it really your Job?”


Think before you ask questions. I learned to think before asking questions. I have noticed that many of us don’t give a sh*t when asking questions. I’ll give you one real-life-simple-example of a question that gets really modern since one turns a bit “older” for the society: “When will you have a baby?” Just to say – I’m reeeaaally allergic to this question! This question firstly states that I will have a baby (whether I want it or not!). Maybe I do not like children? Maybe I do not have a partner? May be I do not have enough money to raise a child? And now image somebody who cannot have children (physically) – how would this person feel each time when you ask this question?! Just think before asking something stupid! You have your own life – take care of it!


Perhentian Islands Fire Show
Perhentian Islands Fire Show

What is next?


I want to learn much more about my spiritual side. To work on my inner peace. To travel more. To become more optimistic. To read more. To make my hobby my job. To spend more quality time with my family. To spend more quality time with my friends. To have a dog. To work on a charitable project. To write a book. To learn my camera better. To buy a Volkswagen Bus and travel the World with my husband. To enjoy life.


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