Exploring ~ Majorca
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Exploring ~ Majorca

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Today we are going to have a walk to the really wonderful beach of Cala Mesquida with its beautiful nature and turquoise water. And then, we are going to make our coastal cruising in Majorca right to the northernmost point of the island Cap de Formentor.

In the morning on our second day in Majorca (and just on time, because of our sunburn) there were more clouds than sun rays, so we decided to go for some hiking to the next small town. The weather for hiking was just perfect! So it took about 45 minutes in one direction through the forest, and we really enjoyed the nature and the sweet smell of coniferous trees. As we arrived at Cala Mosquida, we were kindly surprised by the beauty of the beach and the possibility to clearly see the next Balearic Island of Spain – Menorca.


Naked Sands ~ Lanzarote


During the week, we decided to rent a car and to make some coastal cruising in Majorca. In the eastern north part of the island, the main road closely follows the coast. And yes, there are plenty of scenic places to see along that way! And yes, the Majorcan coast is absolutely stunning and worth the visit! So after (maybe) one hour by car we reached the northernmost point of Majorca – Cap De Formentor. Such a beautiful place with a plenty of panoramic points of view! The only bad thing about this coastal cruising is the really curvy road! It went even curvier as we headed to the gorgeous place called Torrent de Pareis… But again – the beauty of these places are absolutely worth the roller coaster drive!


Welcome to Fuerteventura!

I hope you got a bit inspired for your next holidays and you can enjoy the last summer hours for that year!

Enjoy the day!

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