Drugstore Beauty Favourites 2015

Hello! Another year has passed really quickly, much quicker than any by now… As the time went by, I’ve discovered many new beauty drugstore products, but I still had fun with some “good old beauty friends” of mine. So here we go! Welcome to my Top 10 drugstore beauty favourites 2015!

Drugstore Beauty Favourites 2015


Since years I used to love my Rosewater, of course a Bulgarian one. I use it everyday
instead of hydrating face tonic before applying my Makeup. Rosewater is one of the most amazing products because of its ingredients, that you can include in your skin care routine. It softens your skin and gives it a natural, healthy glow. I also make some face masks with it.

Revlon ColorStay Collection

This foundation has the perfect texture for me – creamy, but not sticky or cakey, maybe a bit “gelish” but not an oily one!  I use it in the winter and summer time as I have always two shades of it! Even I have a dry skin, I buy always the one for combination to oily skin – it matches me somehow better.  I love applying it with my beautyblender or buffering brush.

Nyxe Rêve de Miel

The Nyxe lip balm is the most special lip balm I’ve ever used – it is thick without being sticky, with a hint of yummy citrus. This is the greatest winter lip balm, because it’s quite different from other balms in terms of consistancy – very thick, paste-like which may seem strange at first but it feels like a protective layer on your lips. I put it on my lips before I go to sleep and before starting with my makeup routine every morning. Love. Love. Love!

Misslyn 60 Sec Top Dry

Misslyn nail polishes are my favourite on the market! The quality is better than Essie’s and the price is lower! This 60 sec Top Dry nail polish makes my nails shiny and each colour I’ve used, stays on my nails for min 4 days without being cracked! And the nail polishes dry really quickly, when applied as a top coat!
Drugstore Beauty Favourites 2015

KIKO Luxurious Lashes Mascara

I have bought this one because I heard a lot of good stuff in YouTube about it, and all these reviews were true – it is one of the best lengthening, thickening and separating mascaras I’ve ever tried! I love it even as much as my “They’re real” mascara from Benefit! The best of it – the price! It is about 7.00 € but KIKO products are somehow always on sale, so I buy it at 3.50 € each time!

Essence Blush – beach cruisers LE

I bought this one because I liked the colours and because it was under 2.00 €. And surprise, surprise! I wore this one the whole summer and even in the autumn. It is easy to apply, matches many eye makeup looks and stays on my cheeks all day long.

Nyx Butter Gloss

I’ve been in love with the NYX butter glosses for two years now. Seriously, these are the best lip glosses I’ve ever tried! They have many colours and I’ve already 5 of them. My favourite one is the “Tiramisu”, which even tastes like tiramisu! These lip glosses are perfectly creamy and great pigmented… and they smell heavenly! They are perfect when I wear them on their own or layered over my favourite lipstick!

Olay – Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum

This one is my “Good-Night!” eye treatment and I really love it! You really can’t go wrong with this eye lifting serum as long as you keep your expectations realistic. The word “lifting” is always a marketing trick, but the most important for me is that it moisturizes my skin really well and doesn’t leave my eye area dry! Anyhow it leaves my skin around the eyes smoother and it has brightening effect on dark circles.

Lipcolor Butter, Soft Sensation | ASTOR Cosmetics

Soft Sensation Lipcolour Butter is an ultimate all-in-one product: it has the great moisture of a balm, the shine of a gloss and a great colour of a lipstick! I have 3 of them – 2 glossy and a matt one, all three of them are really great and I do not really have something comparable to them.

Maybelline fit me concealer

This one is my all-time favourite concealer!  You get a perfect product for the price. My skintone varies between two shades according to winter and summer time. I love this product – it has perfect coverage, it blends really well and easy, the cover is great and the finish is very skinlike! Sometimes I use it even as a foundation on days I don’t want to wear any. It is not heavy or cakey, but covers even  blemishes.
Drugstore Beauty Favourites 2015
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