Disneyland Park California

Disneyland Park California ~ Tips and Tricks

by Tsvete Popp

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Admitting that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, there are some tips and tricks that could make your stay even more delightful! Here are my tips to enjoy your magical day at its best:

Disneyland Park California

Purchase Your Tickets Online

Supposing that you are not keen on waiting in a queue, I would recommend buying your ticket in advance online – they are not cheaper (ca $ 105), but you will be able to go straight through the Disney entrance without brawling in the endless line outside the park.

The Happiest Place on Earth ~ Disneyland Park California

Disneyland Park California

Pick the Best Times


There is no best time to visit Disneyland, BUT at weekends you can enjoy the Disneyland Forever Fireworks (which is far way better than any New Year Firework I’ve ever seen) and the best spot is by “It’s a Small World” (wintertime 8:45 pm, summertime 9:45 pm). Disneyland Forever Fireworks Video (4K quality at its best) here.

Disneyland Park California

Hotel in Anaheim – Stay Close


Save your time and book a hotel in Anaheim! There is no doubt that probably the worst traffic jams are in Los Angeles, so before spending your whole forenoon in the car – just stay in a hotel near  Disneyland and make your life easier before and after the long day at Disney World.

Disneyland Park California

Shuttle Bus


There are various ways to get to Disneyland resort, but for me, the easiest way is to take the ART Shuttle which provides transportation from and to most hotels in Anaheim. The Shuttle costs ca $ 5 per day and most of the hotels offer ticket at their reception.

Disneyland Park California

Be There Before it Opens

The early bird catches “Peter Pan”?! Yes! If you want to enjoy the early hours of relative solitude I would recommend getting there before the park opens! You can avoid the lines, take your photo pass, buy a Disney gadget, and visit the best attraction without waiting and fighting with numerous loony folks! The first two hours were my best hours! Use this time to take the popular rides like Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Peter Pan
Disneyland Park California
Disneyland Park California

Get Your “FastPass”!


The “FastPass” system could save your day at Disneyland Park if you use it properly! Some of the popular attractions offer a “FastPass” which gives you the opportunity to hit the specified attraction with little to no wait time in a line! My advice it to take a “FastPass” for attractions with more than 30 minutes of waiting time. These attractions are worth the “FastPass”: Autopia, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones Adventure, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and DON’T forget the Star Wars area! Another tip is to take Peter Pan’s Flight as first attraction in the morning as it doesn’t offer a “FastPass” option!

Disneyland Park California
Disneyland Park California

Pack Something You Want to Eat or Drink


Two reasons – the food and the drinks at Disneyland cost not only three times more than usual, but also you will pay for your precious time. At least you could take a bottle of water (especially in the summer as you’re going to struggle in the hot weather in LA). Another interesting fact is that you cannot buy Alcohol in Disneyland – it is only available in Disney California Adventure Park.

Disneyland Park California
Disneyland Park California

Buy Your Disney Accessories Right in the Morning!

Why? You want to have the Mickey Mouse ears on all your photos, right? 😉

Get your Celebration Buttons!


One of those “exceptions” at Disneyland – the Disney buttons are absolutely for free! Just ask in any shop if they have some! So I got my “First Time Visit” button J


Meet Your Favourite Disney Character


They are so many meet-and-greet sections in the Park, where you can take a photo with your favourite Disney Character. Some of those have a dedicated meeting space e.g. you can meet the Winnie Puuh at “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”. Buts some of the characters don’t have a dedicated section, such as Peter Pan and Mulan, but you can easily find them on Main Street USA.

Disneyland Park California

Download the Disney App


I loved it! The Disney app shows you not only your location in the park but the real waiting time at all attractions! Just check it and you will know for sure if you’re supposed to get a “FastPass” (when longer than 30 min) or you should just wait a couple of minutes in order to get the ride.

Disneyland Park California

Do Not Use Selfie Sticks!


… Just because they are not allowed at Disneyland. Happy about this fact as I really hate this infantile stuff! But, if you are keen on using such sticks, the Cast Members could even kick you out of the park (if they really want to).

Disneyland Park California

Enjoy the Disney Shows in The Afternoon


Disneyland is a lot of fun, but after several hours of marching through the park, there is absolutely no doubt that you will get at some point of your visit tired! One of the best ways to soothe your tired feet is definitely to enjoy the 40 delightful minutes with a Disney show in the afternoon! The shows are highly entertaining and all the performers are professional singers and dancers.

Disneyland Park California


There are Disney Cast Members everywhere in Disneyland – just ask them and they will take photos with your camera for free! There is an option called “Photo Pass” where you can collect your Disneyland pics made from the cast members (not with your own camera), but at the end of the day, you’ll have to pay in order to get those.
Disneyland Park California

Don’t Carry Everything!


Not many people know that if you buy some souvenirs at the Disney shop, you are not supposed to carry all the stuff during the rides. Everything you buy at the park can be sent to your hotel!

Disneyland Park California
Enjoy your time!
Remember: the best feeling in the world is to act like a Kid again!

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