The Best Beaches in Ko Lanta, Thailand
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The Best Beaches in Ko Lanta, Thailand

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This post is part of the series Thailand

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Ko Lanta translated means the best beaches in Thailand. Just kidding! Ko Lanta means “grilled fished” … Anyway, Ko Lanta has the best underdeveloped and secluded beaches in Thailand! It’s a difficult choice to choose the most beautiful one as they are so many tropical, unspoilt beaches here.


Ko Lanta belongs to the Krabi region, but differently from Phi Phi or Ao Nang, the island is not very affected by mass tourism and is still very peaceful! There are some hotels and quiet bungalows located along the beaches, mainly at the west coast of the island. Ko Lanta is the best place for relaxing, beach-hopping and doing some motorbike trips!


All the beaches in Ko Lanta are on the west coast. Even during the peak season, they are never crowded, whether in the north or in the south of the island! Ko Lanta is about beach-ing and relaxing – for the rest, there isn’t really much going on here. If you are a beach lover like I’m, Ko Lanta is a must visit place when you are travelling to Thailand.

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

The most popular beaches on Ko Lanta are the beaches located in the North of the Island. The three main beaches are Klong Dao (3.5m long), Phra Ae Beach (5km long), and Klong Khong Beach (3 km long) – they are more developed and offer more accommodations compared to the beaches in the south, mainly because they are nearest to the port of Saladan where most travellers arrive on the island.


The further south you go, the more remote and peaceful the beaches become! In the south of Ko Lanta, the beaches become shorter, the number of hotels and the density of people – lower!

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

The beaches in the middle of Ko Lanta are less spectacular in terms of length and quality of sand but are a good place to relax and swim.


The most beautiful and wild beaches of Ko Lanta are located in the south of the island (Klong Jark Beach, Bamboo Beach). Here you will find the paradise on Earth only for yourself!


So instead of trying to tell you which beach is the best one, I’ll put together the most beautiful beaches of Ko Lanta, listed in the order from north to south. Enjoy!

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Klong Dao Beach


Klong Dao Beach is the nearest beach to Ban Saladan village, where all tourists arrive at Ko Lanta. Due to this fact it is also the most developed and the busiest beach of Ko Lanta. Klong Dao has the greatest number of beachfront hotels (25) along its 3.5 km length. Klong Dao is very sandy, without a rocky ocean bottom. The sand is very soft and almost white, and in the water,  there are no stones. The only downside (after being the busiest beach on Ko Lanta) is that there are only very few trees that give you shadow during the day.


You can walk to the little village of Saladan where you will find many restaurants, street food opportunities, 7/11s and other mini-markets, pharmacies, coffee-shops, etc.

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Long Beach, Phra Ae Beach


Phra Ae Beach, or also known as Long Beach, is the longest beach of Ko Lanta (5 km). The Long Beach is easily accessible – a 10-minute drive from Saladan village and the ferry port.


The Long beach is distinctly relaxed and laid-back, with many beach bars and restaurants on offer. Here you can find several luxury hotels but also very good reasonably priced bungalows. Most of the beach runs into clear water with a nice sandy bottom. Since the beach is 5 km long you can always find a lonely place to enjoy your day. In the south-end, the beach breaks up into rocky zones, though the scenery is photogenic.


Long Beach is the perfect place for watching Ko Lanta’s amazing sunsets! Here you can watch the sun while it changes the sky in all beautiful sunset colours over the ocean and Phi Phi Islands in the distance.

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Klong Khong Beach


Klong Kong is meant to be the best value beach on the island if you are searching for a young party beach with some cheap bungalows and bars. The number of beach bars makes it one of the island’s top places for partying.


­­Klong Khong Beach is a 3-kilometre long white sand beach with several rocky patches that make swimming at low tide difficult.


Most accommodations are in the south part of the beach and are hidden among the trees. Klong Khong beach is less developed, more peaceful and more laid-back than the Long Beach or Khlong Dao Beach.


The small village near the road offers only basic shops and supplies, plus a few restaurants and bars. Klong Khong is also a great place to watch the amazing sunset and at night many bars have their own fire shows and parties (The Sound Shack Bar, Fisherman’s Cottage, Where Else, The Chocolate Bar, etc.).

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Klong Nin Beach


Khlong Nin is one of Ko Lanta’s most unique beaches situated in the middle of the island. The distance between Klong Nin and Saladan is about 15 km and 30 minutes of drive.


Klong Nin Beach is a fine white sandy beach with a laid back atmosphere. It’s a good place for swimming and sunbathing. At some parts, the beach is a bit rocky, but you can still find a few places without stones at all. The surrounding mountains and tropical rain forest make Klong Nin Beach very special and unique.


Here you will find a few beachfront accommodations but there are more places to stay if you walk just across the road. There is also a small village centre, with a supermarket, cafes etc. within walking distance on the main road.

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Ao Nui Bay Beach


Ao Nui is a rugged and rocky bay, built into its own patch of the forest overlooking a private cove and beach. Here you can choose among three mid-range resorts that remain entirely unseen wit a natural, ‘hidden-in-forest’ atmosphere. The Beach of Ap Nui is very isolated, rocky and beautiful! Come here if you don’t want to share your experience with others!

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Kan Tiang Beach


Kan Tiang is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on Lanta! Kan Tiang is a pretty white sand beach that runs into clear water with a sandy bottom that creates some great swimming opportunities. Natural forest covers much of the landscape, creating shady midday escapes. In the south-end of Kan Tiang Beach, you will find Ko Lanta’s most famous luxurious resort “Pimalai”. Kan Tiang also has four smaller hotels overlooking the very top-end of the beach.


Kan Tiang Beach is regularly voted as one of the best beaches in Thailand and the most attractive beach on the Ko Lanta! As almost everywhere in Ko Lanta, you can enjoy the peaceful athmosphere since the beach is never really crowded. Kan Tiang is perfect for enjoying some amazing sunsets over the ocean!  And is also very popular for being the best place for snorkelling on the island!

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Klong Jark Beach


Klong Jark is a remote, hidden beach at the far south of Ko Lanta which is not so easy to reach. It is probably my favourite beach of all we visited during our stay on Ko Lanta!


The drive to Klong Jark is pretty long, curvy and hilly and “unfortunately”, there is no surfaced street leading to the beach.  Anyway, once you arrive here you’ll be rewarded with the amazing beauty of Klong Jark and you’ll never want to leave it! It can happen that you are the only person at this beach – and this, somehow, happened to us!

Beach Guide Koh Lanta

Bamboo Beach, Mai Pai Beach


Another favourite beach of mine – Bamboo Beach! This piece of land is an absolute beauty and perfection if you are looking for a more secluded beach on Ko Lanta! Bamboo Beach is an 800 metres long white sand beach that remains undeveloped and virtually pristine. This is probably the most beautiful beach location on the island! Here you will find no restaurants, beach bars, shopping opportunities or what so ever … The real paradise, if you ask me!

Beach Guide Koh Lanta
Have you been to Koh Lanta? Which is your favourite beach of all?
Enjoy the day!

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