Balboa Park ~ San Diego
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Balboa Park ~ San Diego

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Welcome to the surreal Balboa Park, located in the heart of San Diego! With its surface area of 4,9km² and a history since the year of 1868, it is the nation’s largest urban cultural park. That is by far the most interesting and multifarious city park I’ve visited and probably a week or two would not have been enough in order to go and see each attraction within its area. Along with the main 15 museums (e.g. Air & Space Museum, Art Institute, Automotive Museum, The Hall of Champions, The History Centre, The Museum of Man, The National History Museum, Museum of Art, etc.) you can also find about 20 gardens (Cactus Garden, Alcazar Garden, Botanical Building, Desert Garden, Japanese and Rose Garden, The Palm Canyon, etc.), one of world’s best Zoos, great diversity of restaurants, play areas, golf and tennis complex, dancing and art area and a huge arena for performing arts.

Balboa Park turned to be my personal heaven on earth and the most peaceful surface area in the heart of two million people city that one can dream about! You can walk for hours and hours while the natural and architectural scenery changes with each step… Again, I became speechless and after 4 hours of walking through the parks, exhausted but fortunate too. Those are only a few from the great moments I was able to gather with the camera and I hope I could share at least a tiny piece of my euphoria about this place.

Enjoy the day!

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