Achensee – Achen Lake, Tirol
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Achensee – Achen Lake, Tirol

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Hello! Finally, I have some kind of a holiday as I managed to have 4 days out of work… This week on Thursday, the Austrians did celebrate the Ascension of Jesus and I decided to use a couple of my extra hours at work, that I have gained already in this year, in order to take my Friday off and to enjoy the long weekend with this lovely weather in Tirol!

Today, on the last day of my long weekend, are I decided to share with you the beautiful pics from the gorgeous place called Lake Achen. Aachen is the largest natural lake in Tyrol, about 9.5 km long, 130 m deep and with a surface elevation about 929 meters. This is lake is one of those mountainous lakes in Tirol, which are unsuitable (for me) for swimming because the water temperature, even in the warmest summer months, is rarely above 20° C. But the lake is a wonderful place to have a peaceful walk in the nature or shipping time, as well as to learn how to dive or to take a paragliding lesson.

Enjoy the day!


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