“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin


The Real “Golden Sands” ~ Coronado

After the walk in the downtown of San Diego we are going to visit the resort city and peninsula Coronado. The city is known by its nickname "The Crown City", and the name "Coronado" comes from Spanish and means "the crowned." The resort city is known for its wide beaches with "golden" sand and Coronado Hotel, which was built in 1888 and is a symbol of the city till nowadays.

The Coronado ...

Welcome to My City! ~ San Diego

Finally, I’m starting with my probably favorite part from the blog series "USA Road Trip" – the upcoming blog post from the city of my dreams - San Diego! After the days spent in the state of Arizona and the last night in Sedona, in the morning of June 19th we headed to the most beautiful city that managed to find a place not only on our Californian map, but also in my heart. The travel time spent in a ...

Wolfsklamm ~ Stans, Tirol

Today we are going to visit the stunning gorge located in the Karwendel Mountains and 30 km eastward from Innsbruck – Wolfsklamm (Wolf Gorge). Finally, after 10 years in Tirol, I decided to make a daily trip to the beautiful and famous destination in Tirol, located in the charming village of Stans. This is a great place for families, hikers and of course peace seekers... and I would add for “The Lord of the ...

The Red Rocks ~ Sedona

Hello! Today, after a long day spent with positive emotions in the Grand Canyon National Park, we will enjoy the night in the beautiful town of Sedona, located in Red Canyon of Arizona, or the so called “The Red Rocks”. When we were planning the route to our next destination San Diego, there were many possibilities to choose from. The fastest option was the same route that we had to Grand Canyon and Las ...

Bucket List ~ Grand Canyon

Somehow it's hard to start with today's story, perhaps because whatever I’m going to write, it won’t be enough to recreate neither the thrill, nor the positive emotions of my day, which I spent in the Grand Canyon National Park. Talking about my Bucket List, the most famous Canyon was the first thing that used to appear in my mind and I could probably categorize it as one of the biggest childhood dreams of ...

Exploring ~ Majorca

Здравейте! Днес ще си направим една разходка до прекрасния плаж и местност на Cala Mesquida с нейната красивата иглолистна природа и тюркоазени води. Втората част от днешният пост е от североизтошното крайбрежие на Майорка, което ще ни отведе до най-северната точка на острова – Cap de Formentor. [google_map_easy id="3"] Ранната утрин на втория ден в Майорка (и може би точно навреме след интензивното слъце ...

Quick and Easy Holiday Outfits

Hello! Today I decided to share with you some of my lazy holiday outfits, which I took with me for the week in Majorca. This time, I even managed to improve my skills at packing less stuff than ever (clothes and accessories) for the whole week! How did I choose what to take with me? Actually, very simple, but it works just fine – firstly, I chose the bag and everything else was supposed to be suitable with ...

Majorca is Always a Good Idea

Привет! Отново ме нямаше за известно време, но този път вятърът ме отвя към любима моя морска и лятна дестинация – Испания. Не знам дали съм споменавала до сега, но не съм от тези хора, които обичат да се завръщат на едно и също място всяка година (като изключим София). Второто изключение направих тази година, като за втори път решихме да отлетим към Majorca... Предишният път бяхме отседнали по на юг в Cala ...

Wild, Wild West ~ Hoover Dam & Williams

Hello! Today we are heading to the next challenge - Hoover Dam and Williams in Arizona. My Bucket List with places that I want to visit and things I wish I could do someday, is quite long. Probably a whole life and some holidays won’t be enough in order to go through it. The National Park Grand Canyon is one of those magical places from my Children’s Encyclopedia of the World. I found to be most interesting ...

Viva Las Vegas! ~ Las Vegas

Hello! In the very last post from Las Vegas I have prepared a combination of best hotels pics, as well as some photos from our final hours in Vegas. The days in this insane city, located in the very middle of a hot desert, were gone much faster than I wished to ... Las Vegas was the city from our road trip, which I definitely underestimated in terms of distances and attractions to visit. Someday I’ll come ...

Best City Nightlife! ~ Las Vegas

Hello! Today we will walk through the night in Las Vegas. We we walk through the city that never sleeps! The full magic of this city with all the countless sparkling lights, giant LED billboards and all kind of musicians and performers (longing to be discovered by some creative producer) - can be best experienced in the nighttime.

I'll never forget the first moment of being on the Strip, ...

Happy Hour! ~ Las Vegas

I’m not going to lie - the new Las Vegas is what I have in mind, hearing the word “Vegas”. On the way back to Las Vegas Strip, I was about to ask myself repeatedly, why the heck Vegas Downtown has not made any step of modernization during the last 20 years? And to be honest, I have no answer ... Anyway, let’s enjoy the Las Vegas Strip in the next few pictures:

We decided to take the last bus ...

Oldie but a goldie! ~ Las Vegas Downtown

Hello! night, much more worse in the morning ... our number one goal was to find a proper and hearty breakfast. Checked! Right next to our LINQ hotel, we found a place that offers "Breakfast of Champions" followed by the motto – the more than better! After the lifesaving breakfast we headed to the old Las Vegas (Downtown Vegas), which is located in about 6 km. from the Strip. The Downtown is best reached by ...

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

Hello! Today we will head to one of the most visited cities, not only in America but throughout the world! Namely the famous and unique Las Vegas! The distance from San Francisco to Las Vegas is 570 ml, which is about 920 km. and ca 8-9 hours in the car. We decided to spend the night in Bakersfield – a small, unspectacular town on the way to Vegas. And we spent the whole day before  in some Premium Outlets ...

Hip, Hip, Hippie! ~ San Francisco

Attention - the following scenes contain some Psychedelic art and are not suitable for color-intolerance persons. Welcome to Hippie district Haight- Ashbury the epicenter of the hippie movement in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century. The neighborhood Haight-Ashbury is so colorful and unique that I was supposed to make some photos every other second. The street art, incredible architecture, Psychodelic ...

Probably the Most Beautiful Garden I’ve Ever Seen ~ San Francisco

Today is the seccond day of our stay in San Francisco. We will walk through some of the most beautiful gardens, I have ever seen in my life – the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Japanese Garden, California Academy of Sciences and the Shakespeare Garden.

The day began with a walk through the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, located near the Golden Gate. It’s Architecture, diversity of ...

Drive Through ~ San Francisco

In the third blog post from San Francisco, we are going to visit one of the most interesting streets in the world – the Lombard Street, known for its atypical steep section with 8 hairpin turns. The probably most crookedest street in the world, was not just a fancy project during the days in 1920. The answer to the question, why would anyone build such a street is - safety. The slope of the Lombard Street ...

“49 Square Miles Surrounded by Reality” ~ San Francisco

Hello! Today I’ll continue with the first day of visit in San Francisco. In the previous post I showed you some pics from San Francisco’s bay and today I’m back with the next stories. It was ca. 11 a.m. - at that time the temperatures in the city are becoming much pleasant. On that day we got about 27 ° - a perfect weather for some walk. The climate in San Francisco differs from that if other Californian ...

Welcome to San Francisco!

In today's first post from my series „USA Road Trip“ goes through our first hours of conquering San Francisco – the first beautiful city of our road trip.

After the long flight which took about 13 hours (Innsbruck - Frankfurt - San Francisco) we landed at 8 p.m. at San Francisco‘s airport, travelling with the time and saving ca. 8 precious hours. All checks at the airport passed much faster ...

The Pre-Story of My USA Westcoast Road Trip

Здравейте! Днес съм щастлива да започна със серията от приключенски постове, които май ще бъдат повече, от колкото очаквах – след обединяване на всичките снимки направени през Юни, останових, че не само бройката на заснети кадри е гигантска, но и историите, които се крият зад многобройните снимки, не са за подценяване. И така – да започваме! В днешният пост ще ви разкажа малко повече за предисторията на ...

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