Oceanside ~ Orange County
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Oceanside ~ Orange County

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It is time to say Goodbye to San Diego and for the first time in my life I left a city (beside Sofia) with tears in my eyes … and plenty of thoughts about returning … We are going to Los Angeles! But on our way to the City of Angels we decided to take a short break after all we have seen and experienced. A perfect place to stay for a night was definitely the small town Oceanside, which is located between San Diego and LA.

Oceanside is well known about its surfer scene and tourism, big waves and fish restaurants, fisher spots, wide beaches … and also with the full moon phases between April and June when the Grunion Run takes place! Grunions are small fishes (like sardines) which can be found only in the Pacific Ocean along the coast of California. And what is Grunion Run (here)? Depending on the full moon phases, several days after the full moon Grunions experience their unique spawning behaviour as they swim completely out of the water in order to lay their eggs on the beach. Oceanside is one of those places in California were you can find thousands of dancing Grunions outside the water between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m.

We spent the day after arriving in Oceanside on the beach, watching the local surfers and enjoying the sun. I will remember Oceanside with its gorgeous pelicans that you can see everywhere and with the most terrifying-monster sunburn I have ever had (SPF of 30 was definitely not enough!) …

In the next post we will have a lot of fun as we are going to visit every child’s dream and the happiest place on earth <3

Enjoy the day!

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